Big naughty school boy dirties his panties Part Four

It was nearly lunch time. We were just behind the bike sheds – two of us smoking. Angus was commenting about how big and firm Big Neil’s titties were and was comparing them with the woman in the lad’s mag he was ogling.

‘F*ck… his are even bigger and firmer…It’s kind of horny gettin’ a feel even if it is a boy,’ he grinned from sheer surprise at getting his rocks off.

He was dealing with the aftermath of his indulgence in the pleasures of the flesh and we had a very big flesh pot at our disposal.

As I thought, all of this was just circumstantial. No girls willing and fat boy very similar in shape to a girl available – typical men – we’ll make do. You know, take advantage. But it had got dirty now and the boys, though a small group, were into it.

Any worries about Big Neil’s going off with Thomas were quashed. The boy with the huge arse took me into the toilets after first period and sucked me off for a good ten minutes (I even enjoyed sniffing from the little bottle) then we had a long snog where I enjoyed groping his firm mega rump. He obliged with some trumpety farts which I dutifully sniffed and wanked off again.

He told me that Thomas had fucked him without a condom last night after he got cleaned up and then had the cheek to inform him that he actually had a girlfriend. The big panty filler just shrugged his shoulders and thought what the Hell…

Big Neil was ready to dump big dirty into his panties in a quiet, remote corner of the school where we would bring four specially selected pocket money ‘victims’ from the school yard. At the stroke of twelve the said four victims arrived. Two of them handed over the money on sight when they were told what would happen to them. One ran away home and so there was only one left.

Big Neil stood in a dark corner and the boy was escorted in. The panty filler just put out his cigarette. A loud, rasping fart accompanied by a groan could be heard as the dirty dump eased into the panty. The rustling sound of shit coming from his hole made me hard and Big Neil kept moaning as the load grew bigger and bigger. He sniffed some more poppers, filling his big boy panty even more. It was a massive, firm bulge and the victim couldn’t quite believe his eyes. Now the mega rump sealed the victim’s face as he effectively smothered him with his buttocks.

Big Neil’s massive arse squirmed into the boy’s face. He moved his massive touche and really grinded it in. It was really firm shit – somehow he always managed it. I was getting horny and whipped my cock out. I pissed on the ground and laid a huge fart. I loved just how base and dirty we could get. I imagined a dog coming in and sniffing around the big tart’s hole.

The victim held onto Big Neil’s thighs and withstood the torture for up to 2 minutes. He was soon gasping for breath and surfaced, looking shocked. He caved in and handed over the money, promising to say nothing. Mission accomplished but only one victim. Damn…

I was so turned on knowing what was in that full boy panty I had to get some myself. I went up to Big Neal and he smiled, knowing what I wanted. He hoisted one of his big legs up onto a small ledge so his huge arse, bulging with dirtiness was visible and I indulged my pervy sniffing foreplay. His arse was so big and firm and the smell was ripe but not too pungent. I groped his buttocks and then gently felt the firm matter beneath his trousers. He moaned. He responded. He told me he was my whore.

‘That was one helluva a botty abortion…’ I joked.

‘Yeah, I got turned on knowing you were watching me,’ he replied. He stretched his head round and kissed me. I felt up his big titties trhough his shirt and thought… who needs a woman when you can have these big ones!

He loved the attention I gave his arse and the brown fudge that came out of it. I sniffed and squished the content of that arse before Big Neil sat on my face moaning. I sniffed the poppers and called him my big whore. My mate Angus saw all the action and was wanking off, puffing on a ciggy. Dirty, stinky business and we were getting well dirty and leaving a lot of spunk everywhere.

‘Aye, he’s got fucking big tits and a fucking big dirty arse… get your cock up that fertile hole and knock him up…’ groaned Angus as he shot a huge load onto the ground.

I enjoyed every moment of my face sitting. I breathed in the pungent ripe smell of his aborted full arse and he squished his big cheeks into my face moaning as he sniffed more poppers and enjoyed the names that matched the contents of his arse and the fact that he had been intimate with quite a few men.

He promised me a filthy bare back fuck at his house as his parents were out. I wanted him to watch him get fucked by the married man and he agreed to it. He reminded me – by now he was my whore… (To be continued)

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  1. Wow. You’ve got some serious literary skill in the way of the turd.

    I mean your work is like a video game. I start out like, alright, let’s do this. And then it’s fun (if you know what I mean), but when I lose all my health (if you know what I mean) I’m like, NOOOOOO, I was almost to the end!

    Love it. And the fact that it’s hot isn’t even the only good thing about it. I mean there’s some good scenery and character development in there too. Throughout I felt like I knew exactly where I was and what the surroundings looked like, and by the end I felt like I basically knew who the characters were, in kind of a weird way. Have you ever considered writing professionally?

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