Big Mike’s Constipation Club

Once a month, in the basement of a large house in a nice suburb, a group of anywhere between 6 to 10 men gathered together. In a corner of the basement, there was a table with a computer connected to a big-screen TV. That computer displayed a message that was copied on the TV, which in turn revealed the purpose of this meeting.

“Welcome to Big Mike’s Constipation Club!”

Big Mike’s Constipation Club was no typical “club”. It was a collection of men found sexual pleasure from constipation. Most of the guys suffered from chronic constipation. A few other guys, while not cursed with this bowel issue, still found everything about it hot. The men were of various ages and sizes, from skinny twinks to chubby bears, from young adults to seniors.

We’ll get to the meeting and the action eventually, but first we’ll talk about the founder and leader of the club, “Big Mike.”

Big Mike is in his mid-40s. He was always quite large, in high school he was on the football team as an offensive lineman. He and a few buddies founded a moderately popular website while in college in the late 1990s. This being the height of the original “dot-com” boom, they were able to sell the site for tens of millions of dollars. (The site died a few years later when the bubble popped, and became little more than a historical footnote.) Big Mike – who was so low-profile in the business he was effectively anonymous despite his newfound wealth – took his share of the sale proceeds and invested in the stock market, making millions more and ensuring he never had to truly work ever again.

His high school and college friends often noted that Big Mike never showed any romantic or sexual interest in women. The truth was he was gay – and a hardcore bottom. He loved being on the receiving end of all forms of anal play – from vanilla sex to fisting and the most extreme object and toy insertions. More importantly, Big Mike was a HUGE scat fetishist. He had always been fascinated with shit, even during his childhood, and always took massive shits thanks to his size and eating habits. By his teenage years, Big Mike was capable of clogging most toilets with his huge dumps. He also began making a detailed written journal of his shits, recording where he did it (at home, at school, in the woods outside his childhood home), the color, the smell, approximate length and thickness, and any undigested food bits (Big Mike barely chewed his food, there were always lots of undigested nuts, seeds, veggie chunks and salad bits in his dumps as a result). This eventually evolved into a photographic collection and even a video collection as well. Combining his written, photographic, and video archives, Big Mike has recorded every shit he’s made for over 30 years. Big Mike had always believed his scat fetish and fondness for anal play were connected – the sensations of anal and prostate play reminded him of the massive shits he regularly took. Of course, given the time period he grew up in, he obviously had to keep his true sexual preferences a secret. The rise of internet porn sites and sexual fetish communities opened a new world of opportunities for him, and he relished it. He soon became a legend in the gay scat community by posting from his massive personal scat archives.

These days, Big Mike stands nearly 7 feet tall and (the last time he bothered weighing himself) tipped the scales at over 450 pounds. He also suffers from chronic constipation, which developed during his adulthood. In college Big Mike was capable of producing a massive dump everyday (occasionally making two huge shits a day). His bowels gradually slowed down as his constipation worsened in his late twenties and thirties. These days, Big Mike shits every 7 to 10 days, but it’s not unusual for him to go as long as two weeks between shits. “I love being constipated like this,” he wrote once on a scat forum. “The sensation of fullness inside me from all that shit, the struggle to push it out, the sheer, asshole-gaping thickness of my shits, the way they slam my prostate and stretch and pleasure my asshole and make me cum without having to touch my cock, the sight and smell and taste of what I’ve made, it’s all so hot.” It was in that spirit that Big Mike set up the Constipation Club to find like-minded guys in the area who wanted a safe area to discuss their predicament – and occasionally relieve their digestive and sexual urges.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Big Mike, let’s enter the club . . .

Big Mike structs in, holding a camera. “Hey guys, I’m Big Mike, welcome to our club meeting. We’ll get to the fun stuff soon, but first, we have a new member. Everyone welcome Korey.”

Korey, a young man, waved to the crew. “I’m Korey, and while I’m not constipated I’m a huge fan of huge constipated turds. I found this group through a gay scat site, heard great things about it, and I’m looking forward to being a part of this group.”

“That’s nice,” Big Mike replied. “So guys, are we clogged up as usual?”

“Fuck yes,” said a skinny twink. Despite being thin, he looked like he was nine months pregnant and was visibly uncomfortable in his seat.

“Oh man, Nick, that’s one hot distension. Your bowels must be packed to the brim with shit. When was the last time you went?”

“Over three weeks ago,” Nick the twink replied. “I’ve been trying to shit all day, but nothing’s coming out, I think the shit is too hard and thick. I’m going to try again and relieve myself tonight in front of you guys. I know if I can shit it’s going to hurt and I know the huge shit’s going to gape me open, but I can’t help thinking about it!” His massive cock – nine and a half inches, as Big Mike remembers – was fully erect, forming an impressive bulge in his pants.

“Three weeks? That’s intense!” said Doug, the oldest member of the group, a founding member of the club (the last original member who still comes regularly to meetings), and second-heaviest in weight behind Big Mike himself (over 350 pounds). “The longest I’ve been able to hold it in was for 15 days. When I did shit it was so difficult and painful, took me two hours across three different sessions. Pushed out some seriously large shit rocks. One was the size of a grapefruit.”

“That must have been so brutal on your asshole,” said Pedro, a middle-aged, very muscular and bearish member of the group. “I mostly push out small shit rocks and pebbles when I get constipated. but they’re nowhere near the boulders and megaturds you all produce.”

“Well unfortunately as much as I tried, I couldn’t quite hold it in for you guys,” Big Mike said. “The urge was just too strong and I ended up having to shit just before this meeting. I’m sure you all want to see what I made, right?”

“Yes!” the guys all exclaimed.

“Here goes,” said Big Mike. He connected his camera to his computer, pushed some buttons, and suddenly a picture of a thick, knobby, very dark brown turd appeared on the big-screen TV. “And there it is. Just finished pushing it out, it was massive, but not the thickest I’ve ever done. I’m still gaping down there,” he said, pulling down his pants and spreading his butt, revealing his asshole, which had a two-inch wide gape. “I had held it in for 11 days. The first turd was over 4 inches wide, over 3 feet long, and completely hard and knobby. I spent nearly two hours pushing this out and had at least twenty orgasms from all the anal and prostate stimulation!” Mike presses another button, and a different turd, lighter in tone, appears on the screen. “This one came out after the first turd, I was gaping so this one just slid out.” The turd that appeared on screen was about 3 inches wide, almost 2 feet long, and a nice medium shade of brown. Many in the room were now openly masturbating to the sight of Big Mike’s bowel outputs. “Then finally there was this hot mess,” Big Mike said. The picture changed to that of a very large pile of sloppy shit. “As you can see, this was not well-formed at all. I think that my colon was at capacity with the first two turds, so the rest of the shit didn’t have a chance to really pass though it and become more solid.” The sloppy shit pile was a light brown, and according to Big Mike, piled 6 inches high and spread to over a foot in diameter. It was also filled with pieces and chunks of various colors and sizes – undigested food. “Of course, I don’t chew my food well,” Big Mike continued while pulling out a laser pointer, “and it really shows in this sloppy shit pile. There some corn kernels, some peas, some carrot chunks, lettuce and spinach shreds, beans, nuts, seeds, and so much more,” using the laser to point at the various undigested food bits in his shit. “I know undigested food in shit might not be everyone’s thing, but I find it totally hot seeing the food I eat literally going straight through me unchanged.” Big Mike then glaced over to Korey. “So Korey, that’s a taste of what you’re going to see here. How do you like it so far?”

“Amazing, Big Mike! That first turd you showed was so hot, I almost came in my seat,” Korey said. “You mentioned you’ve made bigger, so how big was your largest turd?” he then asked.

Big Mike grinned. “Oh do I have a story for you. It’s a story I’ve told countless time both in person in this club and online on scat forums.” The other members of the club all nodded in agreement. Big Mike continued. “The first time people hear it, they usually can’t believe it’s true. But it’s all true, and I have the journal entry and photos to prove it. We at the club affectionately call this ‘The Super-Shit,’ and here how I made it. I had an exceptionally long and severe constipation spell, it had been 17 days since the last time I shit. My bowels were completely stuffed and swollen with shit, and my abdomen was distended much like Nick’s here,” gesturing toward the visibly severely constipated twink. “For several days before I made The Super Shit, I was trying repeatedly to shit. I always want to shit everything out naturally, no matter how badly I’m constipated – so I never use enemas or laxatives. I would spend a good chunk of the day – 8 to 10 hours over several sessions – squatting, trying to push something out of me, but the main portion of shit seemed to be too hard and painful to pass. Only a few small hard shit pebbles would come out of me. After another long, unsuccessful shitting session one night, I went to bed. The next morning, the urge to shit hit almost immediately after I woke up. I squatted and pushed, and strained . . . pushed out a few more shit pebbles . . . then a few larger hard rocks . . . then suddenly, BOOM! I somehow managed to force this absolutely massive, extra thick turd, out of my ass. The sensation of that huge turd coming out was both very pleasurable and very painful. I spent the next four hours pushing out the biggest, hardest, most constipated turd I’ve ever made. I lost track of how many times I came in the process. The last thing I remember was pushing out the last inch of the turd . . . then I passed out from sheer exhaustion. When I regained consciousness, I looked to see what I made.” Big Mike pressed another button on the computer, and a new image of a different turd appeared on the screen. “When I measured it, I couldn’t believe the numbers, but it was all true. 6 inches wide. 4 feet long. Hard and knobby every inch of the way. My asshole had a 4-inch wide gape afterward and it wouldn’t close for 3 days. I had to wear diapers for 2 of those 3 days because I had lost control of my bowels – all the shit just slid out of my gaping asshole. I couldn’t hold it in, or even feel it coming out of me. I’m lucky my ass closed and I was able to regain the ability to control my shits.” Big Mike pressed another button on the computer leading a slideshow of his temporary, constipated megaturd-induced run of diaper shitting. There were a dozen slides of diapers completely overfilled with shit. “I went through a whole pack of diapers those two days, that’s how much shit was backed up inside me . . . and so that’s the story of the Super Shit,” Big Mike said. A look at his body revealed a bulge in his pants. “Every time I retell this story and relive everything, I just get so horny . . . I fantasize so much about making another shit like that . . . OOOOHHH!”

Big Mike grinned. “I just cummed in my pants.”

“Oh the rest of us passed that stage when you said 6 inches wide, 4 feet long, hard and knobby,” Doug replied. The rest of the club – Big Mike included – laughed. “It was a hot story when you told it to me at the first ever club meeting a decade ago, and it’s still hot now.”

“I’ve haven’t cummed yet, but my cock’s been throbbing for a while now,” Korey said. “I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out!”

“Hearing that hot story of how you release all that hard shit . . . it’s making me horny and giving me the urge to shit really bad! I have to go!” Nick moaned. He moved over to a corner of the basement, designated for the guys to relieve themselves if the opportunity arose during club meetings. Camera equipment was also set up in that corner to record the action, however Nick had opted not to have his shit sessions at the club recorded.

“Oh boy, I really thought we wouldn’t see a constipation unload tonight! This is gonna be great!” Big Mike said.

Nick, now in the corner of the basement, took a squatting position. Big Mike, Korey, and several of the other guys stood around watching him attempt to shit.

Nick repeatedly moaned as he tried to push something out from his severely impacted colon, while his rock-hard cock dripped precum. “I want to push this shit out so bad . . . I want to end my constipation . . . but all this shit feels so good inside of me . . .” Nick’s asshole pulsed repeatedly, each time a little more of his turd revealed itself. “Oh yes! It’s coming out . . . it’s so hard . . . and it hurts so much . . . but I want it out of me . . .” he continued to moan as the emerging turd grew wider and wider.

“Watching this is making me so horny!” Korey exclaimed.

“If you get the urge to jack off, feel free to masturbate, Korey,” Big Mike said. “In this club, sexual release is just as important as constipation relief.”

Encouraged by Big Mike’s assurance, Korey pulled down his pants to reveal a hard 7-inch cock. He nervously looked around to find Pedro stroking his extra thick, 8-inch dick. Now that was a guy he wouldn’t mind having inside of him, Korey though to himself. Thinking of the rock-hard turds Nick was set to push out – and the fantasy of maybe having Pedro buttfuck him – Korey began to masturbate.

Nick continued to struggle to force out at least some of the 3 weeks’ worth of hard, constipated shit that was stuffing his colon to the point of visible distension. “Oh . . . I think this is it . . . it’s gonna come out . . .” he moaned. Then with one load moan, a rock-hard ball of shit, over 4 inches in diameter, exited his ass and fell to the floor with a heavy thump. At the same time, a stream of thick, white fluid was seen blasting from his erect cock – the huge turd had pleasured him to the point of ejaculation. “Fuck yes,” he moaned. “Oh . . . here comes another turd . . .” Nick, still squatting, began to push out another hard shit rock. The second turd ball was just less than 4 inches in diameter and was somewhat easier to pass since the first shit-rock had gaped his ass open. In short succession, Nick had produced six more hard shit rocks of similar size, and had another orgasm. Sexual fluids continuously oozed from his cock. “I can’t believe it . . . pushing all of this shit out hurt so much, but it felt so good, it made me cum . . .” he moaned.

“That’s from all the anal and prostate stimulation,” Doug remarked as Big Mike nodded. “A extra-thick, knobby turd can work those parts just as well as a large dildo or buttplug.”

But Nick wasn’t done yet. Before he could even stand back up, another urge hit. “Oh . . . this is going to be huge, I can feel it!” Moments later, the beginning of a 3-and-a-half-inch thick turd emerged. Nick moaned some more as each painful yet pleasurable push forced out another inch of thick, hard, knobby, turd. “Oh fuck yes!” Nick moaned as a particularly lumpy spot pushed him into orgasm,. Eventually about a foot of turd came out of him before it snapped off from its own weight and fell to the floor, leaving roughly two inches of shit hanging from his ass.

Korey, who was aroused by and had been masturbating to Nick’s defecation effort, climaxed and shot a massive load of cum on the floor. Looking around, it appeared that many of the other guys present had cummed as well. But Nick’s show wasn’t done yet.

As Nick continued to push, the consistency changed from hard and knobby to firm and smooth and the turd narrowed slightly. As Nick’s opening shit rocks gaped his ass open, the rest of the turd – now just less than 3 inches wide – came out without too much additional effort. Nick would eventually produce 2 more turds, each a foot long and about 2 inches wide. When Nick stood back up, his stomach had returned to a normal size, a obvious indicator of the relief of his constipation. “That was so amazing,” he said. “I’ve never been that constipated before, and it felt so amazing to push it all out.”

“I think we had a very productive meeting tonight. We really enjoyed watching you push all that shit out, Nick,” Big Mike said. He then turned to Korey. “So, how did you enjoy your first meeting? Actually, never mind . . . I think I know the answer,” noticing the big pile of cum on the floor near where Korey had watched Nick shit.

Korey grinned. “It was fun, Big Mike. I can’t wait for the next meeting. Maybe next time I’ll unload for you guys.”

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