Big Jim’s Messy Morning


He slammed his fist down on the alarm clock, sighing heavily after hearing it go off several times. Big Jim opened his bloodshot eyes before he grumbled and grabbed his pillow again. He was much more comfortable in bed, no need to get up just yet. The obese naked man sighed, curling his toes clad in his musky socks. He sniffed his pillow, grinning when he managed to breathe in the stench of last night’s farts. Big Jim rubbed his groin against his mattress, remembering all the fun he had at the party. He also remembered blowing up the bathroom, something he took much pride in–especially when he wound up shitting himself in front of all the onlookers anyway. But now he was back home, lying naked on his bed, his fat ass pointed up at the ceiling. Jim listened to the fan rotating in the background, blowing cool air and the stench of his bedroom all around. The man heard a squishy, sputtering sound come from his ass and snickered, feeling his greasy fart splattering against his asshole. He sniffed twice, the air now reeking heavily of rotten eggs. Realizing he couldn’t sleep anymore, Big Jim gradually rolled his fat, muscular body over, sat up and yawned.

The dark-skinned man opened up his slobbery mouth, catching wind of his shit-coated breath in the process. Jim lowered his arms after stretching and hopped out of bed with a huge thud. He reached down and scratched his meaty balls and fat dick, moments before reaching behind and rubbing his smooth, brown buttocks. He stuck two fingers inside his ass crack, grunting when he felt something sticky near his hole. The man took his fingers out, sniffed them once he saw the brown shit clinging to them, and sucked his fingers clean. Then Big Jim exhaled as he walked towards his kitchen, his giant feet thudding against the floor. His stomach was already grumbling–both with hunger and from a desperate need to take a shit. The giant man sniffled as he walked around his kitchen, the place still reeking of urine and all the farts he unleashed. He headed straight for the blender, grabbing the container and taking it right off the machine. Big Jim set the glass on the floor before he turned around and squatted, making sure his fat brown buttocks was planted firmly on the glass.

His asshole bulged outwards with ease; Big Jim didn’t have to push. He blinked and sniffed before he felt the shit around his colon. The man heard a soft hiss, followed by a tiny squeak, like air slowly leaving a latex balloon. Then Big Jim felt part of his lower intestines becoming lighter as he defecated into the blender. The long soft pile of brown shit slithered out, coiling inside the glass, popping and crackling like fire burning wood. The ripe stench of digested meats and rotten eggs hit Big Jim’s nose like a train, making his cock stir quickly. Big Jim placed a hand on his smooth, chunky, fat belly and exhaled. There was a cacophonous, but short series of crackles and pops, followed by a fart that echoed inside the blender. Big Jim relaxed himself as he finished defecating, and figured he may as well empty his bladder too. The muscular, chubby black man watched as he started to piss on the floor, shamelessly hosing down the tiles with yellow fluids. His piss trickled noisily, splashing all over and creating various puddles. A rivulet began to form that spread around to the cracks in the tiles. Big Jim flared his nostrils and wiggled his toes, admiring the strong smell coming from his piss.

Big Jim grabbed his dick and quickly pointed it upwards. Then he leaned forward and spluttered as he began to pee inside his mouth. He hardly bothered brushing his teeth anymore; all he needed was a good dose of his yellow mouthwash. The man gulped and slurped, the piss soaking his lips and rinsing out the shit and food that had festered overnight in his mouth. It tasted very salty and warm, running down his throat like slick booze. Big Jim swallowed for a few more seconds before he pointed his dick back down and exhaled, licking his slightly cleaner mouth. The chubby man waited until he stopped urinating before he sighed heavily and stood up, reaching behind to wipe his ass with his right hand. He licked his hand clean before he placed the blender back onto the main device, the glass filled with three hefty logs of malodorous waste. Big Jim chuckled and rubbed his hands together, opening up his fridge and grinning once he looked at all the contents inside.

“Time to refuel the tank!” he said in his baritone voice.


Some time passed. The sun was fully out now, although Jim’s blinds were still closed, and the man was still only clad in his smelly socks. He was sitting at the dining table, chowing down on a humongous breakfast. Four fiber-enriched waffles lathered in syrup, a tall bottle of cold milk, eight sausage patties, beans right from the can, and a bag of dried plums without the pits inside. Alongside it all was his personal salted caramel shit-shake–a common treat he loved to drink for breakfast, only he added his own shit for a more robust flavor. Big Jim downed several pieces of his waffles, chewing with his mouth open and swallowing in big gulps. He reached for his bottle of milk and drank from it, gulping audibly as he downed nearly half the bottle. The fat man belched before he stopped and patted his gut, shaking it and listening to it gurgle. Then he set the bottle down and grabbed the blender filled with a concoction of shit, milk, caramel sauce, and vanilla ice cream. He placed the container up to his mouth, tilted his head back, and started to drink, gulping down the creamy, foul-tasting beverage without stopping.

The beverage was sweet and frothy, but his personal mixture of shit gave it a heady scent and a strong taste only men like Big Jim could handle. The chubby man gulped down a third of the beverage before he set it down and smacked his lips. He licked his mouth clean again before reaching over and grabbing four dried plums from the bag. Big Jim shoveled them all into his mouth and chewed noisily before tossing a sausage patty in the air, lowering his jaw so he could catch it and devour it with two big bites. Big Jim was about to scarf down more beans when his cell phone buzzed. He rubbed his nose with his arm, picked up the phone, and quickly skimmed the text message he received.

Just woke up. Li’l pic to help my wood? ; ) Extra $10.

Big Jim grinned. “Kinky bastard. Fine then.”

The large man blinked before he lowered his phone, aiming it right for his crotch. He let himself get hard first, and then he took a picture. The phone clicked, and when Big Jim looked at the image, he saw a perfectly good photo of his fat black cock in-between his thunder thighs. He even managed to get a picture of his dirty feet too. Big Jim quickly responded to the text and attached the photo. Then he set the phone down and started to devour large spoonfuls of beans. Not even fifteen seconds later, Jim got another text that made him snicker.

O God… so thick. O__o

Big Jim laughed. “You’re welcome.”

The man put his phone back down. And then he continued to refill his belly.


Almost noon. Almost time for the man to make his conference call. He made sure to eat his breakfast around eight, knowing all of it would hit his bowels in a few hours. He had finally gotten dressed, now wearing a pair of tight green boxer-briefs, a beige T-shirt, and sand-colored cargo shorts. His shorts were new, and Big Jim was aware that it was time to break them in. As the man started to boot up his laptop, he shut his eyes and groaned loudly, holding his gurgling stomach. He leaned over and passed gas, his fat ass unleashing a toxic fart on his couch. Jim listened to the nasty rumbling noise that ended with a soft hiss. He opened his eyes and took a few deep breaths, trying to control himself. The man curled his toes twice before he blew out another gas bubble, the sputtering noise muffled by the couch cushion. Big Jim was about to fart again when he rose from his couch and swore, reaching backwards and grabbing his fat ass. He could feel it all now, the deadly mudslide ready to break apart and ravage his underwear and shorts.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck…please be on now!” Jim shouted.

Big Jim quickly logged into his Skype account and waited a few seconds, watching as the program activated and gave him access. He ignored all the messages he received yesterday while he was at the party and went right for one of the usernames: dirtytosser9352. Thankfully for Jim, he was on. Jim set his laptop on the living room table and quickly brought up a video call, which the man answered in only a few seconds. Jim sighed with relief once he saw the aging man on the other line sitting down, his hair graying and his beard full. The man looked at Jim and started to grin.

“What’s the problem mate? Ya pinch one off already?”

Jim huffed as he sat down on the couch. “Shut up. You sent the money to my account?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hold up a tick; I got it ready.”

Big Jim watched as the man started to pick up his iPhone and began to browse through a few settings. As Jim waited to receive his money, he grinned and decided to tease the man. Jim grunted as he grabbed his legs, hauling them upwards and curling his body backwards so his legs were in the air and his ass was pointed at the webcam. Big Jim let his anus expand and he proceeded to blast a raunchy fart from his behind. The noise was squishy and sounded like the man was blowing a tuba and squishing sponges at the same time. He knew the greasy fart was leaving stains on his underwear, but he didn’t care. Big Jim grunted and blew out some more gas, the noise much deeper and ending on a thick, boom-like sound. The man put his legs down and snickered as he waved a hand in front of his face.

“God, I wish you were here to smell this!”

Dirtytosser snickered. “Ain’t a big fan of the stench, thanks. All that shit gets nauseating after a while, know what I mean?”

Jim grinned. “No, I don’t.”

Dirtytosser’s phone emitted a loud bell tone. “There, you should have it now.”

Big Jim double-checked his phone just in case. It only took a few seconds before he received the money on his online account. The man smiled cheekily before he logged out of his account and set the phone down.

“I got it. Thanks!”

Dirtytosser didn’t feel like waiting. He stood up from his computer chair and started to undo his belt. Big Jim watched as the aging man started to pull down his shorts and underwear. A long, floppy white cock with a thick foreskin popped out, throbbing and emitting a small amount of precum.

“Now show me that thick gut of yers!”

Big Jim didn’t disappoint his client. He walked over to the laptop’s small built-in webcam and patted his thick gut. His brown belly was already poking out and bulging near the waistband, but he knew Dirtytosser wanted to see the whole thing. So Big Jim lifted his shirt with his hands, sighing and letting himself relax as the brown pudge hung low. The man reached down and rubbed his smooth blubber with his right hand, his asshole opening up so he could release a machine gun fart for a few seconds. Big Jim patted his big gut with pride before he started to shake it. The thick man was so full that his stomach gurgled audibly, enough for Dirtytosser to hear. The man on the other end grabbed his uncircumcised shaft and squeezed, feeling it harden within his hand. Since Jim’s crotch was already facing his client, he grabbed the zipper of his shorts and unzipped them, pulling his trousers down enough so his big cock would flop out. Jim snickered as he shook his fat hips, his dick flopping left and right and thwacking against his shorts.

“Fuck…no-now turn around! Show me that chocolate ass yer so famous for!”

Big Jim nodded and complied. He turned around very slowly, his stomach still grumbling, waiting to push out a load of shit that could put a volcanic eruption to shame. Jim grunted as he pulled down his shorts and boxers, giving Dirtytosser a perfect view of his dark brown ass. The man on the other end started to stroke himself, rocking his hips back and forth, his dick pointed at his laptop. Big Jim teased his client and wiggled his big rump left and right, moments before another greasy fart burst out of his foul asshole. The flatulence was squishy right from the start; Big Jim could feel some soft shit bubbling on its way to freedom. His asshole bulged outwards, puckering, opening up so tiny amounts of mud-like shit could slide down his stinky ass crack. Big Jim reached behind and smacked his big ass before he crouched down and pulled his shorts and underwear back up. There was no way he could hold this any longer. He was about to explode.

“Phew, I can’t hold it! You better get ready, Dirtytosser! It’s gonna be huge!”

Dirtytosser was already getting closer to his orgasm; with the way Big Jim was acting, it was only a matter of time. After Big Jim pulled his shorts back up, he bent over, his big ass facing the webcam. He planted his hands on his knees as he crouched down and spread his legs. Big Jim huffed and grunted, his asshole opening up as he felt his belly bubbling again. There was nothing stopping it now. He had to let it out. Big Jim pushed. And then the mudslide came out. It started off softly, only with a tiny hiss and soft crackle. Then Jim felt a large amount of sludge explode from his ass, filling up his boxer-briefs and spreading around his fat ass and balls. Dirtytosser heard immense crackling and a few blorps, the squishy shit piling up within his trousers. The burly man started to get hard, panting as he shat himself. His asshole opened up again and he passed more gas, the flatulence muffled by the soft shit. Jim’s face twitched before he relaxed himself and felt more shit coming out. At first, his shorts only bulged outwards very slightly. But now the man knew that his colossal mound of waste was becoming noticeable.

His bowel movement was cacophonous and messy now. Farts and squelches were rife, his shorts still bulging outwards. Dirtytosser whimpered when he saw two, three, four bulges moving around within his soiled trousers. One of the bulges began to turn a light shade of brown, sagging as Big Jim felt a monstrous turd leaving his anus and coiling around, pressing against the rest of his load. Then the “mud” began to flow, and Big Jim shouted with ecstasy. All the shit coming out of his body now was sloppy and soft, creamy and so broken up that it slid all over the place. Big Jim’s legs began to shake as his bowel movement stunk up his living room. Even his farts were wretched, each one smelling like a modern-day stink bomb someone detonated right near a fan. Big Jim exhaled and plugged his nose, surprised at how badly his fat ass stank. He let out one, two, three farts before he heard a deep splorch and shouted, the burning shit almost leaking out his underwear. Big Jim took a few deep breaths and blinked, his bowels calming down. His asshole was disappearing back inside his ass crack. The worst part seemed over…for now.

Dirtytosser didn’t know when he came. It was either when Jim’s shorts began to sag, or when the man began to fart and shit simultaneously, making his cargo shorts turn brown. All he knew was that he was swearing and trying to wipe his mess up with a napkin.

“Fu…fuck, that was massive!” Big Jim exclaimed. “You still jerkin’ it?”

“Damn it–hold on. I came on my fuckin’ laptop again.”

Big Jim started to laugh. He turned around and nearly fell to the floor chortling, his big belly shaking when he noticed that his image of Dirtytosser was completely blurry with creamy smudges around it. By the time Dirtytosser cleaned most of his mess, the man was flaccid, with only small bits of semen dripping from his cock.

“Christ mate…best thirty bucks I ever spent. Seems kinda high, but still…I can’t find entertainment like this anywhere else.”

Jim snickered. “You got the bargain deal. You’d be surprised how much I pay for people who wanna see me in person. Maybe you should get out the U.K. for a while, come down here and see what I really have to offer.”

“Uh…I’ll think on it. If this is what you do all the time, I can’t imagine what you smell like in person. The stink might be too powerful.”

Big Jim grinned. “Come down here and find out.”

Dirtytosser sighed. “I think I’m gonna get a new laptop. Whatchu gonna do now?”

Big Jim turned around and showed off his dirty ass. “What, you think I’m gonna dump out this big load and not sit on it?”

Dirtytosser grinned. “Good point. Enjoy yer day, Jim. I hope we do more ‘business deals’ in the future!”

“So do I, Dirtytosser.”

Big Jim walked over to his laptop and ended the Skype call. He logged out of Skype entirely and shut his laptop, knowing his work had been done. Then the chubby man backed up towards his couch and sat down slowly, shuddering as he felt his sloppy mess squishing around. As Jim began to wiggle his ass into the couch cushion, he looked down at his lengthening shaft, stuck a hand down his trousers, and started to masturbate. And it was right then that Big Jim realized the best part about this day.

It was only getting started.

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