Big Dump at Roadstop

I often go for exercise on a road bike, often along a trail, every couple of days just to keep healthy. This day, I had not had a poop in a day. Usually I go every other day to every 3 days. Mainly because it’s my body’s rhythmn and I like it like that. I was in the middle of my ride when my stomach started to cramp up like it had earlier that day, and I started having gas. I farted silenty and I really ripped one when riding with the seat covering my ass. A strong smell of shit marked the air. I kept riding till I stopped at my usual stop, a welcome center in the outskirts of town along the trail. I proceeded to put up my bike, and walk to the bathroom. I jiggled the door, it was unlocked, so I went right in. I put down my phone on the toilet handle, taking off my supply belt, helmet, and glasses. I proceeded to pull down my cycling shorts, pulling down my shorts while squatting on the toilet. I peed before I started to shit, which is more rare than a pearl in an oyster for me. After I finished pissing, a pathethic stream only lasting 10 seconds, I began to pass gas silently as a thick turd began to come out of my ass. I felt it stretching my hole a bit, as I grunted it out silently. It made soft crackling noises before the first big piece made a thud in the toilet before a much shorter but just as thick turd fell in the toilet. By now the smell was very strong. I got my supply pack and took out baby wipes, and started to clean myself. As I did, the first 10 wipes were coated in shit. I threw them in garbage bin, trying to be green and environmentally friendly, not wanting to clog the toilet, causing the room to stink worse. When I finished wiping and cleaning myself up, I pulled up my shorts, and flushed. The turd got stuck, then got unstuck and went down the toilet. I had to flush again to get it all the way down.

I washed my hands, leaving afterwards wanting to get on my ride. As I was setting back up, a man in a maintenence uniform pulled up in a truck in the parking lot, surronding this area. I assuming he was going to check the restrooms, as they were always clean in the mornings. He walked towards the men’s restroom that I had just used, and embarassement and excitement filled my self. He opened the door, and swiftly proceeded to shut the door, commenting on the smell and pinching his nose. He then did the same to the women’s restroom, located accross from it, but without any commotion. After he had left the park, I had continued on my ride, relieved and happy.

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