Big Bang Theory

My Big Bang Theory!
By: Me
Written on July 2nd, 2011
With the 4th July celebrations coming up fast we have quite a few fireworks parties going on over the weekend in our area,so I was invited to attend one last night just two blocks from our house in Ogden,Utah.It was a nice warm evening,so I did not need to wrap up to keep warm.I wore my black capri pants and a lightweight black sweater as it was not going to start until darkness fell.Since it was only two blocks I decided to be really daring and leave my car at home while I walked to the home where it was being held.

As there was to be refreshments before the fireworks,I arrived at 9.30pm while it was still fairly light and enjoyed lots of pizza and BBQ chicken with all the side dishes of potato salad etc.I was hungry as I had not eaten when I go home from work,so I stuffed myself well.I also enjoyed a large amount of very cold beer from the ice box;another good reason for leaving my car at home! At 10pm the hosts decided that it was dark enough to begin setting off the fireworks so we could see them at their best.The home was up above many other homes on the mountainside,so we should have a good view,as would our neighbors.

About this time I began to get a restless feeling in my tummy,due no doubt to all the food I had packed away,and perhaps to the fact that I had not pooped for the past three days and was about due for such an event to take place.All the beer was filling my ladder by this time too,so I found myself a nice secluded place on the edge of the crowd and sat down on the lawn to enjoy the show.They began with some Utah fireworks which are pretty,but do not go high up in the air,just bright lights really.Then after about five minutes they brought out the new legal ones,and probably some non legal ones too.They made very loud bangs and shot up 100feet in the air,way over the lower houses below us .All this noise covered the noises my tummy was beginning to make,as I realized that I was about to have a kind of accident that would fill my white panties,and maybe even my capri pants;thank goodness they were a tight fit!Since I did not want to draw attention to my problems,and I knew for definite that my poop was coming out,I decided to let it come out intime with the fireworks.

I stayed sitting and leaned back so the poop would spread up my front,where I could hide it a little with my napkin from the food table.I then would just relax and see how things went.Every time there was a loud bang I would give a gently push then stop pushing during the quiet seconds afterward,ready for the next bang.I was quite surprised at how much poop could escape during the few seconds I was pushing,but also happy at how nice it felt as it began to spread gantly from back to front and creep up the front of my panties,covering my private parts early in the process.I managed to let my poop out for several minutes covered by the bangs and well filled my panties,
though so far it had not escaped into my capri pants,still,they were black,so if it did escape it should not be too noticeable I hoped.By that time,too,I was really pretty desperate to pee,so since I was sittting on the grass,I decided to just relax my bladder and help to water the lawn somewhat.That is what I did and enjoyed the hot pee coming out in a torrent and filling my pants briefly before soaking away through to the grass.All too soon the fireworks were finished and it was time to leave for home.I waited until most of the others left before I got up in case anyone noticed my soggy rear.(I guess the grass must have been damp)

When I did get up my rear certainly did feel damp,and sticky,as I made my way out through the side gate of the garden,thanking my hosts on the way.Nobody commented on my soggy pants,so maybe they did not notice.I walked slowly an carefully the two blocks to home and gratefully climbed into a nice hot shower as soon as I got indoors thinking what an enjoyable evening it had been in more ways than I expected.I had found a new place to panty poop,without having to think too hard about it.Happy pooping.

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