I am not much of a drinker, and certainly not a drug user, but someone put something foul into my cocktail last night. I have no idea who did it -I have no apparent enemies- but after 11:00 on the dance floor I don’t recall ANYTHING! My mate Trevor took me home and put me to bed. 

I am feeling very unhappy -and rather sick to my stomach- can’t eat anything. Who would do this to me? 

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  1. Somebody probably thought you were alone and they would have been first to pretend they knew you and drive you home. From that point, the reality is limited only by the volunteers fantasies.

    That is a good reason to not go to a club without a designated hero. A person you trust to take you home in case something like that happens.

  2. I agree with Shimron and wet_outdoors.

    I agree be careful. Someone did that to me once while I was at lunch and I passed out at work.

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