Better be a toilet than have to work

Doing the news was something I also wanted to do. In high school, I would skip class a lot. I would hide in the bathroom. This is when I developed my love of urine. I love the smell of fresh, hot piss.

During my college years, the girls I would party will would relieve themselves on me. Sometimes between classes, they would take turns pissing on me while I sat on the toilet. The best was when a campus safety officer filled my mouth, making me swallow in order to get out of marijuana possession. This just peeked my interest.

I even completed a minor being a toilet. I let the professor piss all over me instead of attending class. Once a week, I would to her office. She would stand over me and piss on me. Sometimes she would whip me before hand. I only legitimately completed 1 out of 4 classes.

After college, I lived a “dry” life. On a trip home, I got “hosed”. After that, I made the decision to come back. I continued a rather “dry” life, with a few squirts on me from girlfriends. This got me thinking. What if I let my boss piss on me to skip out? I proposed this to him, and well, the showers forecasted on the weather report might as well have been about me. I’d rather be peed on than have to work : )

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  1. Hi Alewis,

    You sound like a girl I went to school with who was always peeing in her pants. She made out they were accidents, but I started to suspect she was doing it on purpose. It didn’t take long for my suspicions to be confirmed, when she snuck into one if the gardens, took her skirt off and peed in her panties. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen and was so mesmerized I forgot to keep myself hidden. Later that day she made me promise to keep it secret and told me she knew what I did in my underwear and would tell everyone.
    I had discovered my black sports pants hid wetness perfectly and had been peeing my pants on purpose for a while. I thought no one knew until she told me she had seen my wet underwear and could smell me, especially after my pants and underwear had dried out. She then told me she liked how I smelt and asked if she could smell my underwear and offered hers as an incentive. That seemed like a great idea because unlike everyone else in my grade I liked how she smelt and often sat beside her just to get as close as possible to her.

    After that we began to experiment, which were usually her ideas and dares. One of those was sitting facing each other as close as possible then peeing at the same time. Another was taking our clothes off, except our underwear and peeing all over our chest and crotches. People began to make comments about the way I smelt but I knew why and loved it. She was much more daring than me and seemed to like the attention.

    We hung out with a group of others all the way through school and a while after, during which we had a lot of fun.

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