better and wetter

just as i thought things couldn’t get better, they do.

See self pleasure posted earlier.
Yesterday was a great pissing day. 
Just as before, pissed my pants while in bed, got up and put on plastic pants, did some more pissing, showered and got ready for the day.
Lets go for a walk my wife said around lunchtime. 
So off we went. After a short while we arrived at a pub, and being close to lunchtime, we decided to have a drink or two before walking home.
After three drinks i was beginning to get desperate for the toilet. and so to walk home. I decided not to visit the toilet before leaving as i was still horny from the morning and could have some piss fun walking home
All the way home i would piss in large spurts as we walked. I could fell the wetness run down my leg as my underwear got wetter and wetter. Wearing dark jeans meant that no one could see the wet patch.
When we got home i decided that if i now put on my extra absorbent pissing pants and my plastic pants, i could continue to piss myself until bed time.So this i did and had a fantastic evening pissing myself every few minutes with huge spurts of wee. It was even beginning to soak up the back of my shirt and i knew it wouldn’t be long before the leg bands would start leaking and then my wife would know what i was up to. 
At last she went to bed and i was able to continue pissing, making everything i was wearing really soggy with piss. Soaking my arse, legs and bollocks. My jeans were absolutely sodden. 
And so to bed after cleaning myself up and pulling on a dry pair of briefs.
When i woke this morning the wife and i cuddled as usual, and then she grabbed my prick and proceeded to wank me off. It was fantastic. When i asked why she said she thought it would be a nice thing to do.
So now a pissy day followed by a morning wank done by my wife is now the best thing ever.
i wonder if it will happen again?

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