Best friend and me pantspooping

This story is about me and my best friend I’ve known him since about 1st grade. he was and still is my best friend. in about 10th or 11th grade I was staying at his house wearing my white underwear as I planned something that night. We were playing truth or dare and I dared him to poop his pants (which was my plan to get him to try it and then do it myself haha I also was expecting him to decline but…) he said to my shock he would do it only if I did it with him. Of course I agreed and we both in his room with the door locked pooped our pants and afterwards I asked him while we were doing it because he was so unhesitatingly loading his briefs and also having a raging hardon at the front (of course I was as well lol) if he has done it before and he said yeah for a couple years now and how it felt so fucking good and I said as I was sitting in my pooped pants well I have as well… You wanna experiment?? (At this point I knew he was a huge pants pooping fan just like me and i am also bisexual) so I climbed on him and sat on his chest and kissed him once. He leaned up while blushing and pulled me in again and we made out then stood up and felt eachothers poopy loads and grabbed each others butts through the messy cloth and just kissed. Then we jerked eachother off and waited till we heard his parents go to work and got info the shower together and cleaned Eachothers dirty butts off and ever since then we pooped our pants together every chance we got..

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