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  1. My favorite are abena m4s, but tranquility all through night diapers are a lot cheaper and hold surprising lay well. Prevail male a cloth like new baby style with nice taps and stretchy like pull ups. They hold well too and athey are reasonable.

  2. My personal favourites are the ABU super dry kids V2. They are an exact replica of the 1990’s pampers baby diapers and they have an amazing capacity for holding a huge amount of poopee in them and they will make the most awesome sagging in the back of your trousers and are very noisy too. So anyway they would be my first recommendation for anyone who is looking for an excellent diaper to look uber cute in 👍😉👌

  3. Can anyone tell me after you have worn a diaper can you reuse it.
    Say you filled your diaper overnight, Could you reuse it the next night. The feeling that you get from reusing pants is fantastic I would like to get that same feeling with diapers.

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