Ben’s battle against Steve’s laxatives

“I love cereals” Ben said, putting the cereals and a package of milk into the shopping cart. “Very well” Steve said with a smirk on his face. Now he knew how he could do it. He, Ben and their mate Pete were on holiday together. For one week they’ll live in the same bungalow. Steve knew Ben for quite some time, yet Ben always pretended to be a little smarter than him, telling him what to do and what not to do. Ben was a good looking guy but when he started to go to university, he became lazy kind of lazy so he gained a little though he’d never confess that his ass got quite juicy. Too Steves pleasure, he even wore the same jeans that were now kind of tight. As long as Steve knew Ben, he always admired him for his ability to fart. What ever was wrong with Ben’s digestive system, Steve loved it. Ben on the other hand knew that cereals and milk always made him gassy. He liked them anyway and what can be more relaxing and funny than a good fart. Now as they were in the supermarket and Steve knew Ben would soon get more than just gassy. He had to time it well though.

The next 2 days, Steve kept an eye on the package of milk. Every morning, Ben got his cereal. None of the others seemed to be into cereals or into milk at all so finally he knew it would work. When they all waited outside to leave for a night out in their favorite bar, he excused quickly excused himself. “Need to go to the bathroom”. Inside he opened the fridge and poured the contents of the small bottle of laxatives into the milk, shaked it and put it back into the fridge. He was in quite a good mood all evening, expecting the next day’s events.

The next day, they were having breakfast and talking about their day’s plans. It was Pete’s idea to go on a trip a a nearby castle. “Great” Steve said and “Great” he thought. “The trip will last the whole day and on the whole trip, there will not be a single toilet!”. “Okay” Ben said eating his cereals. If he only knew.

4 hours later they were at the castle. Well castle would be an exaggeration. Basically there were some ruins yet the way there was quite nice so nobody complained. Ben farted. For the last half hour, he felt some gas building up. Nothing special though. “Let’s have lunch!” Pete said. They all nodded. “And Ben! Please behave yourself while we’re eating” Pete added. They spread out a blanket, opened their bags and ate the sandwiches they prepared. “Oh boy. Today it’s bad. Thank god we are outside!” Ben thought as he felt more gas building up. He tried to let it out silently but it came out loudly: “brrrrrrppp”. Ben’s face went red. Everybody was laughing, especially Steve who now knew the show was about to begin. They finished their sandwiches and wandered through the ruins. Every now and then Ben farted. Whenever he managed to push one fart out, he felt the next one building up inside him and what made things worse, he felt like he might need to shit soon. Fortunately, they were about to leave.

5 minutes into the way back, Ben had to fart again. “blrbblrblrb” – “Uh, that did not feel too good” he mumbled to himself. “Why do I get a stomach ache just now? Why now?” Little did he know Steve was only waiting, staring at his butt and even Steve did not know Pete secretly put his camera into video mode. “What did you say?” Pete asked. “Nothing guys! When we’re back, i might need a big fat dump though!”. As if he wanted to prove that, he let out a rumbling fart that sounded wet. His stomach was gurgling and now he really had to shit. “Please no! It can’t be diarrhea! Just don’t think about it.” he thought. “Let’s get back quickly guys!”. Ben bravely managed to go on for another 15 minutes rubbing his belly when suddenly he felt a stabbing pain. He had to stop in his tracks. “What’s the matter?” Pete asked ? “Ugh!” was the only thing Ben could answer holding his belly and ripping a long, wet fart. Steve’s and Pete’s eyes were glued to his juicy butt that was so clearly visible in his tight jeans and they both witnessed him clenching his cheeks. “Boy” Pete shouted “be careful not to shit yourself!” and he was laughing. “Nothing to lough about! I have to shit and it’s gonna be diarrhea!” Ben shouted still holding his belly. He still felt like he had to fart but did not dare to. “Lets go!”.

He did not come far though. A few minutes later he had to stop again. When Steve saw him standing there, holding his belly, groaning, he felt a little sorry for him, but that was of no use now. Steve knew what Ben clearly knew as well. He would never make it. Then it happened: He sharted. It began with a deep muffling fart and ended with a very wet gurgling sound. “Nooooo” Ben was pressing together his cheeks with his hands to regain control. “Does anyone of you guys have tissues?” he asked, removing his hands from his butt. As nobody had tissues, he tried to continue walking but after only about 10 steps his hands went to his butt again. He groaned but managed to keep control. “I cannot shit myself in front of them! I cannot shit myself in front of them! I cannot shit myself in front of them!” he repeated in his mind while he looked for some bushes he could relieve himself in. He saw some about 10 meters away. 10 meters is no distance but it can seem like a mile when you are about to shit yourself.

The moment he removed his hands from his butt disaster began. With a series of wet, ugly farts, he filled his jeans with mushy hot pudding. The back of his jeans immediately turned wet and brown. Ben felt relieved like never before. “Seems like we’re having a problem” he said with a bright red head but with a grin on his face. “Let’s hurry back!” “Don’t you want to…” Pete started. “Do what?” Ben said in a low voice. “Damage is done. How much worse could it get?”. So they started walking again. Ben felt gassy again. “Oh for gods sake!” he swore as he let out a 10 second wet fart and then pumped a second wave of hot diarrhea into his already filled jeans. “Oh boy! I’m really ill!” he said. His jeans were full of shit and every step he took it spread further and he still had to fart. When he looked around, he saw Pete and Steve staring at him both showing a bulge in their pants. “What are you…. blrpblrp…. what are you doing? You…. ugh …bluuuurp… you like that hm? Fuck it, what did you do to me? Fuuuuck… bluuurp!”

Steve pulled the empty bottle of laxatives out of his pocket. “You…?” Ben stood there with his moth open. “Why did you do that? I’m fucking shitting myself!” he shouted. “Do you like it?” Steve asked. “Do i what?…. Damn yea! It feels great!”. Now it was Steve who had his mouth open. Turned out, all three of them were into guys farting and filling their tight pants. Who would have thought?

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