Ben & Dan

Ben and Dan were pretty good friends since grade school. They now share a dorm room on campus so they’re pretty close when it comes to knowing things about each other. They’re pretty open with personal issues and never let secrets come between them… or so they thought. Ben came out to Dan back in high school with out a problem. Dan said he was straight but secretly he was at best bi. Another secret of his was the fact that he was madly in love with Ben, but refused to admit it to himself. Ben had secrets of his own too. He was also in love with Dan and had been since before he came out to him. In fact that was his driving reason to do so, hoping Dan would do the same. The other secret of his was that he loved to poop his pants. He was very secretive about it and always carefull to cover his tracks when doing so. Having this fetish in a Dorm setting wasn’t easy either so his pants-filling sessions were few and far between. Since they had a common bathroom between 12 other dorm-mates, privacy was a rare commodity and being that he was shy about pooping in the first place made him avoid going for usually 2 to 3 days at a time, or more if he could stand it.

Dan and Ben both liked to drink, but Dan was the bigger drinker of the two. Ben would rather keep occupied with school work where as Dan was the classic college party type. Ben also enjoyed using the internet to search for guys filling their pants on video to get off. He usually did this late at night when Dan was sound asleep, or off partying somewhere else. What Ben didn’t know is that Dan would sometimes get onto Ben’s computer to search for gay porn to get off periodically when Ben was off at class or whatever.

Dan loved to drink and when he did, he always thought of his feelings for Ben and his attraction towards other guys. Even when he was sober he still thought about it to some degree. He also noticed Ben’s odd bathroom schedule. He always knew when he had returned from taking a dump cause he always had a look of relief on his face when returning from the bathroom along with a slight aroma of shit lingering about him. The aroma was stronger at certain times than others, but it usually did follow him for a short period of time. This made Dan horney as hell for some reason but he never payed much attention to it.

One day while Ben was at a long class, Dan was off and decided it was a perfect time to look up some nasty porn to get off with. He went to Ben’s computer to start searching when he noticed an open window. He Maximized it to see what was inside and to his surprise, it was a whole slew of videos. “Nice, looks like I just hit the jackpot.” He thought looking through the catalogue. He noticed some of the titles “big load”, “messy load” and thought “Oh man, this should be a great jerk-off scene.” He opened one of them up to see an ass clad in white briefs standing in front of the camera. A bit puzzled he continued to watch. He also put on the headphones and turned up the volume. He heard what he though was the guy grunting a bit followed by a fart. “What the hell is this?” he said to himself now growing more curious. Within a few seconds the back of the guys undies suddenly tented out with a HUGE load of pretty firm looking poop. Dan’s mouth dropped wide open and exclaimed “What the fuck!?” Yet he couldn’t seem to look away and also noticed that he was now rock hard and ready to bust the stiches out in his boxers. He immediatly hit rewind and watched the video again while holding and stroking his cock exploding with cum almost instantly. Up until that very moment, he had never cum that hard in his whole life or been so turned on as he was just then.

“Ben you dirty little boy.” Dan said to himself as he stared at the screen of the laptop in front of him. He couldn’t believe that for one, Ben was into such a fetish and two, that Dan himself was so turned on by it. He closed out the window and cleaned up his erotic mess so as to not let Ben know what he was up to. He then got a wicked idea. He knew that it had been at least 3 days since Ben had taken a dump, and by looking at his selection of videos, figured out why Ben seemed to smell like he forgot to wipe after he was done. It was friday and Ben’s last class was due to get out in about an hour from then. He thought of a wonderfully devious plan that just might work.

Dan knew that Ben loved hard liquer on the few occasions that he did drink and it had been at least 2 weeks since he last drank with his roomy. Dan had a bottle of Bicardi Limon that happened to be Ben’s favorite. He also had some handcuffs that he got a long time ago, they were the good strong metal ones that had two keys one of which he hid in his drawer on his side of the room. He thought about what he would do to get Ben into the cuffs to carry out his devious plan and came up with the perfect idea.

Ben came back from his last class of the day pretty tired from a long week and also somewhat in need of the bathroom, but it could wait until later when he had a few drinks in him, it helped to loosen him up and be a bit more bold to fill up some briefs in the bathroom while “taking a long shower” before bed. He got to his room and saw that Dan had stepped out and saw this as his opportunity to get changed into his briefs to get ready for later on. Little did he know what Dan had up his sleeves for his good buddy. After about 10 minutes, Dan came in with a Pizza and a few movies and some soda to mix with the booze.

“Hey man, you up for drinks tonight?” asked Dan grabbing for the un-oppened bottle.

“Hell yeah, I’ve been dying for a drink all day.” said Ben getting up for some large cups. “Fill er’ up” He said holding his cup in front of Dan who happily poured him about 3/4 of his 12oz cup full of booze. Ben grabbed the soda that Dan brought in with him and filled the glass the rest of the way. He immediatly took a big swig off of the glass about a 1/4 of what he had. “Ahh, that’s the stuff.”

Dan poured himself a glass of booze as well but only about 1/2 and 1/2 in the same 12oz glass that Ben was using.

After about an hour and a half of talking about their week with each other and eating the Pizza, Ben felt that grumbling in his gut that told him that he’ll be needing a “shower” pretty soon. He started with the pre-poop farts that were getting pretty strong smelling seeing as he was actully on day number 4 of not having a good dump and after tonight’s drinks and Pizza he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

Dan caught a wiff of Ben’s pungent farts, but kept quiet about them. He just kept talking to Ben and keeping him distracted from the obvious turd on deck that was being held at bay in Ben’s tight ass. Eventually Ben had gotten up and started for his towel and a change of clothes to head for his shower when Dan got up quick and walked over to Ben. “Hey man wait a minute, I have something to tell you.” Dan said as he walked up behind Ben grabbing his butt and giving it a slight squeeze.

Ben jumped about a mile and turned around in shock to see Dan looking at Ben with an animal like hunger. Ben wasn’t sure what to think, he just stood there unable to speak and he eyes went wide with wonder. “What is he up to? Is he really that drunk?” Ben thought. His heart started to pound as Dan moved in and kissed him. The two lip locked after Ben’s initial shock wore-off and felt Dan’s tounge probing deep in his mouth gently swirling around carressing every possible surface of his sensative tounge. “Oh my god, this can’t be happening” Ben thought.  Still in shock that it was happening, he had waited 6 long years for this very moment and here it was! He was in heaven and wrapped his arms around Dan’s shoulders and pulled him in closer feeling his hard tight chest agianst his own. Ben swore he could feel Dan getting hard which in turn got him very hard.

Dan broke the kiss and just looked at Ben with a joyfull, but somewhat evil smile. He backed Ben up against his bed right on the bar of the bunk bed system in the middle of the room and kissed him again while pressing him against the bed. He broke the kiss again as he grabbed Ben’s arms and put them behind his back near the support pole that ran from the floor where it was bolted. Ben lunged forward with his arms behind him and kissed Dan this time. Dan reached into his back pocket and grabbed the handcuffs and quickly locked them onto Ben’s wrists. Ben broke the kiss and realised what Dan just did.

“Hey, what the hell?” Ben asked nervously.

“What, I thought we could have a little fun.” Dan said as the smile on his face went from playfull to down right dirty.

“Look that’s fine, but now’s not a good time.” Ben said getting concerned about the huge dump he’s been meaning to take care of.

“What do you mean? You have to piss? Don’t worry, just use this.” Dan says holding a big 1 liter bottle.

“No, well, it’s not just that.” Ben said now feeling embarrassed. “I have to take dump, like bad.”

“That’s alright man I got the key right here.” Dan says as he takes the key out of his pocket and holds it in front of Ben who by now is starting to squirm quite a bit.

“Oh thanks man, I’ll be quick about it, I promise. I really want to have some fun but I’m dying here.” Ben starts to feel better, but is now clenching his cheeks together trying to keep from pooping himself right there.

Dan then grabs his drink and takes a sip. “Ah, that is refreshing but it’s missing something.” He holds the key up and looks at it. ” I wonder, could this be the taste I’ve been looking for? I really do need more iron in my diet.”

Ben gets wide-eyed and starts to panic “Hey man, that’s not funny, I really need to go!”

Dan takes the key and places it on his tounge very slowly and closes his mouth “Hey man, I’m serious here. I’m like so close to shitting myself here!” Ben says as he now crosses his legs and bounces slightly.

Dan then tips the cup to his lips and drinks the last half of his drink in a few big gulps. “Ahhhh. Oh yeah that’s just what I needed.”

“DUDE!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!?” Ben yells in horror and disbelief.

“Shhh…. quite man, you don’t want to wake the neighbors do you?” Dan says cooly.

Ben just stands there awestruck and bewildered. “I can’t believe you just did that man, what the fuck are you thinking?”

“It’s alright, we’ll just call someone who has some way of cutting those cuffs off you.”

“You mean you don’t have another key?!?”

“Nope.” says Dan now grinning ear to ear. “Looks like you’ll be shitting yourself now doesn’t it?”

Ben is completly shocked that Dan would do something like this. While he’s struggling to tug at his cuffs and the bed support beam he forgets about the pressure on his asshole and lets a loud fart escape.

“Are you shitting yet?” Dan asks eagerly.

Sure enough, Ben tries to regain control but it’s too late, his asshole already opened up and the seat of his briefs starts filling with a grapefruit-sized load of hard, followed by softer mushy shit. Ben stands there in horror as he poops his undies in front of a grinning Dan.

“Oh man, that is stinky!” Dan says while trying to open the window. “I can still hear you going, it’s crackling.”

Ben is soo embarrassed that his face is burning red. Ben then relaxed as he gave up trying to hold back and started pissing himself.

“Fuck.” He muttered as he finally stopped pooping and peeing as he stood there in disbelief over what just happened.

“Man that was even hotter than that video I found today.” Dan says grabbing at his obviously hard cock.

Ben looks at Dan with a confused but scared look. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t play coy with me, I know what you’re into. You enjoyed what you just did as much as I enjoyed watching it.”

Ben looked down to see that he was also still hard and tenting out his pants. “I guess I did. How did you know.” now feeling a little better, but still confused.

“I borrowed your computer today to look at some porn when I noticed a window open with a bunch of videos in it. I thought they were going to be some hot jerk off scenes so I opened one up and watched some dude completely poop his pants. I never would have thought that I’d be turned on by that, but I came so hard after watching it that I had to see it happen in real life. “

“So is that the only reason you kissed me?” Ben asked feeling a bit used.

“Well, yes and no. I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time now, but after seeing that video I got this idea to force you to poop yourself.”

“How did you know that I’d be desperate enough to have an accident? Ben asked

“I’ve noticed for a while now that you only shit every few days, and I knew that you did because almost every time that you did, you’d be a while, but then come back with a look of relief on your face, plus you kind of stunk a little when you came back. After finding those videos today I finally realised why.”

“Well, why didn’t you just ask me then?”

“Cause I thought this would be way hotter, and you know what?” Dan asked as he moved in close to Ben “It was very hot.” He said as he reached around to feel Ben’s loaded pants. Even though Ben was wearing thick jeans, Dan could still feel every little lump in the load of poop sagging and filling his underware. Dan cupped Ben’s mess in his hand and squeezed it as he squeezed Ben’s butt earlier, but this time squishing the huge wad of poop. Dan then kissed Ben while carressing and massaging the poop all over Ben’s ass.

Dan broke the kiss and stepped back. “I guess it’s only fair to tell you that I’ve been holding out on my daily dump since this afternoon.” Dan then turned around to show Ben his ass. He then pulled down his pants showing that he was wearing a dirty pair of Ben’s already pooped in white briefs. “I did some looking around after I put the pieces together and went through your dirty laundry to find these.”

Ben couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His crush not only kissed him tonight, but also made him shit and piss his pants in front of him, and now it seems he’s about to return the favor. “How could this get any better?” Ben thought to himself.

Dan then relaxed and gave a push. He felt his load start moving and gave another small push and let it go. He farted a few times and felt his asshole open up and a nice thick healthy poop slid out between his cheeks and filled the gusset of Ben’s undies. “Oh man this feels weird. It feels good, but still weird.” Dan said as he felt his semi-soft poop squish like fresh play-doh up his crack and filling up a space the size of a soft ball. He reached back to feel his mess and started to mash it into his ass feeling it travel up his crack and fill up the space behind his balls. “Damm this feels crazy good.”

He turned around to see Ben’s jaw hitting the floor and walked up to him and unzipped his fly and unbuttoned his jeans to pull them down. He then pulled Ben’s soaking wet and fully erect cock out and looked up at Ben. “So, how about having some fun now?”

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