Being paid to be diapered (fiction)

I have been around the AB/DL community for a very long time now. Since I was just a teenager. I recently finished college with a debt of about 100k. I was working but only for minimum wage, I would probably be in debt for the next 20 or 30 years at the rate I was going. One day I was in a DL chat room and I met a mysterious man, we ended up becoming close friends, he said he was in his mid 30’s and had his own successful business but he was a closeted DL. One day I confided in him about my debts as he was a successful business man and instead of giving me financial advice he gave me a proposition, he would pay all my debts if I went and lived with him for a month and was basically his own DL pet. I went back and forth on it for a while, I wasn’t really into role play and I wasn’t very interested in other men. However, I eventually decided it would be worth it for what he was offering. He flew me out to his mansion in the middle of nowhere in Texas, it was beautiful. When I arrived he showed me to the guest room in the basement, he said his name was James. James showed me my room and I nearly had a heart attack, it was better than the best hotel suite I had ever seen. He said I could get settled in and choose whichever diaper I wanted from his collection in the closet of the bedroom, he said he would be watching from time to time to see how I was doing.
I put my bag down and walked over to the closet, I opened the door and flipped the lights on. I again, almost had a heart attack. Not only was this the biggest closet I had ever seen, but it was also the biggest collection I had ever seen. I looked through his collection a bit until I saw a green package that I hadn’t seen in a very long time, xl goodnites from the late 90’s I took one out of the pack and put it on right then and there. The familiar sound of it crinkling brought back a lot of memories from when I was younger. I went back out into my room. I put my bag under the bed and laid down with just my goodnite on. There was a mini fridge in one corner of the room, I went over and opened it. There were so many things to choose from, I ended up grabbing a beer, I had 2 before James came knocking on my door “Come in” I said. Jame entered and said “Dinner is ready, meet me in the dining room in 5, and put some clothes on, the maid is still here and I don’t want to blow my cover.” I nodded. I put on some gym shorts over my goodnite and headed upstairs to the dining room. As I walked through the house I was pretty impressed, James had a lot of land around the house as well. I could not wait to get more familiar with the place.
I eventually found my way to the dining room. There were 3 plates out, James told me to sit and introduced me to his maid, Jen. Jen asked “Can I get you a drink sir?” I replied “Yes, could I get a beer please?” Jen said “Of course, sir” Jen came back a few minutes later with a cold beer and joined us at the dinner table. The chicken parm was amazing. Once dinner was over Jen left for the night. Once she left James turned to me and said “It is time for you to go to bed.” I replied “It’s only 8 o’clock” James replied with a smile “We’re doing roleplay, remember.” I laughed and said “Oh, okay. Yes sir, I will get in bed now.” I went back to my room before I laid down in bed. I took off everything but my goodnite. I began to pee into it, I looked down as the white goodnite turned a light yellow color. Once I was done peeing I turned off the lights and laid in bed. Even the bed was insanely comfortable. After a while of tossing and turning I fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up and my goodnite was even more wet than it was last night. I got up and put my gym shorts back on over my warm and wet goodnite. I walked upstairs to the dining room. On the table there was a note that read “Help yourself to some food, Jen isn’t going to be around today. I will be back later around lunchtime to change you.” I made myself some breakfast and explored the huge house. Around mid morning I went to the outdoor pool and laid in the sun wearing nothing but my now extremely soaked goodnite. As I sat there my stomach began to make rumbling noises and I was having some gas. I decided to head back inside to use the toilet as I didn’t want to poop in the diaper and have to wait until James returned to get changed. Upon checking the house all the bathrooms were locked. I went back to my room and waited. I eventually erupted in the goodnite, the mess was very soft. James texted me and said he would be home in a half hour. I sat down on the floor in front of the TV in my room and waited for him, thankfully I didn’t leak on the carpet. Once James got back he came down and said “Alright time for a change, smells like you could really use one. Grab a new diaper from the closet. I stood up and waddled over to the closet. I looked through the collection, and decided to play it safe and grab an Abena M4 this time. I waddled back out to James. He set up a mat on the floor and had a container of wipes at the ready. I laid down on the mat. James then took my diaper off and cleaned me up, he then put the new diaper on. It was really weird for me as I had never done anything like that before. James rolled up the poopy diaper and put it in a trash can next to my dresser. We went upstairs and ate a pizza he brought home. Once we were done eating he went back to work and said he would check my diaper later when he got home. The rest of the day was uneventful. I had a few snacks and drinks and caught up on some tv. Over the course of the afternoon I peed in my M4 twice, it wasn’t too wet yet. I eventually put on jeans and a t-shirt and went out to the backyard. It was huge, there was so much land, James even had a giant patio with a fancy grill near the pool, there was also a hot tub.
I explored the land around his house for the remainder of the afternoon, once the sun began to set I made my way back to the house, James wasn’t home yet. I drank some water as it was really hot outside in the Texas summer. After an hour of sitting around I saw James’ SUV pull up in the driveway. Once he came inside he checked my diaper and said “I will change you again in the morning before I leave. I am going to start dinner, if you want come sit at the patio. You don’t have to wear clothes over that if you don’t want to. The only neighbors I have are miles away.” I decided to take my clothes off as it was still really warm outside. James fired up the grill and began to prepare some barbeque. He told me I could go in the pool if I wanted but I had to keep the diaper on. I was hot as I am from a much colder area so I decided to go for a swim. As I jumped into the pool my diaper swelled up like a balloon. The water was perfect though. After a half hour or so of swimming I got out of the pool and went back over to the patio and sat at the table. My diaper was dripping wet when I sat down. James brought a plate of food over to where I was sitting and said “You’re going to need to get changed again.” He and I ate, it was some of the best food I had in a long time. Once we went back inside we went back to his collection. He asked “Do you mind if I choose for you this time?” I nodded yes. James picked a camo goodnite, he said “These are too small for me, I just want to see someone use them.” I was fine with it as they fit me fine as I was only about 150 pounds and 6 feet tall, and he was about 6’ 4” and probably 270 pounds. He said if I wanted I could use the toilet before I put on the goodnite. Once he took off the soaked M4 I went and peed in the bathroom and took a shower. Once I got out I put the goodnite on and some shorts. James and I watched some TV and had some beers. He passed out on the couch in his living room. I drunkenly went back to my room and passed out.

First chapter of a new story. Hope you guys enjoyed. Will try and continue it soon.

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