“Behind the bushes Quick!”

(I know it’s a bad picture, but i still wanted to put one, but just pretend it’s night and the bushes are much taller and use your imagination~)

Gender: Male(s)

Relationship: Yes

What type: BxB

Requested: No

Backstory: Jake and Sam (Aka Sammy) Had gone to one of their friends parties, They both weren’t very interested in parties but didn’t want to be rude and excepted anyway, it now had just passed into the early hours of the morning and Jake was slightly drunk with Sammy Being more sober, as they both were now in need of the toilet, and this is the results.


Jake was now dragging Sam all around the house, Jake now being slightly drunk thanks to Their friends fault as Sam was trailing behind, biting his lip as he was trying to get Jake to stop “J-Ja-J-Jake s-stop i need to talk t-to you-!” As he huffed, he had to admit, he needed to go to the toilet, and it wasn’t just a normal pee, no, if he needed to pee it woudn’t be as bad since most people there were half naked, even though Sammy wasn’t into that sort of thing as Jake then pulled Sam onto the dance floor and pulled him close, grinding with him, Jake smirking as Sam gasped and clenched his legs, blushing lightly “J-Jake..” and Jake looked down to him “Yes baby~?” Only for Sam to blush in embarrassment and he said quietly “I-I need the toilet..” as to which Jake’s face slightly softened and he chuckled softly “Come on then~” and he grabbed his hand, walking towards the toilet, once they got their Jake opened the door, about to step in before his eyes widened and he froze then seeing a guy and a girl getting quite hot a steamy, not caring about how someone had just opened the door and were now watching them, he instantly then shut the door and turned to Sam “Okay well..that backfired..” Jake now starting to feel his own need to Pee as Sam groaned softly “That was the only toilet in the house!” as Jake sighed and grabbed his hand again “Come on.” then leading them outside, Jake looked around as Sam was whimpering behind him, There weren’t many people outside, only a few guys and girls as it was a pretty big backyard, he then spotted some bushes at the back of the yard, quite far “Come on!” and dragged Sam over to the bushes, the bushes were quite high and led to a little secret area that was hidden from the rest of the house, as Jake dragged Sam there when no one was looking .

Jake smirked in victory, had sobered up a bit more now as he looked to Sam “We can go here.” As Sam blushed “U-Um…I-I don’t need to Pee…” as Jake raised an eyebrow before realising and rolling his eyes “It’s fine, just go, we’ve seen each other naked, we will have to do this sometime in the future anyway~” and he chuckled, trying to make him feel better only for Sam to frown, Jake frowned himself and sighed, wrapping his arms around Sam and kissing him softly, Sam almost accidently letting go just there as Jake then slowly pulled back, Sam let out a sigh “Fine…Only because i love you…” Which made Jake grin in victory “Anyway i need to pee anyway.” also started to get another feeling in his regions but didn’t mention it for that moment, as Jake then aimed towards the bushes way, spreading his legs slightly and unzipping his pants and getting his cock out, as Sam unbuckled, unzipped and pulled down his pants and boxers at the same time, squatting down slightly as he blushed lightly, Jake closed his eyes lightly and sighed of relief as he started to pee, it instantly coming out in a thick stream, making a quite loud hissing sound as he moaned softly, Sam blushing deeply, keeping his eyes on Jake’s cock and his thick stream, before his bowel’s made another whine like noise and he bit his lip, he spread his legs slightly as he was still squatted down, he bit his lip harder as he then squeezed his eyes shut, grunting as he started to push, it slowly making a crackling sound and starting to come out as Jake soon sighed and shook his cock, finishing his quick pee as he then looked to Sam as he stuffed his cock back in his pants, though not zipping up, feeling bowel movements of his own.

Sam kept pushing until he let out a sudden soft moan as it came out, falling onto the ground as he blushed and looked up at Jake, who was now biting his lip, he didn’t want to but now knew he had to “I’m sorry but now seeing you i have to go~” as he then as Sam got up, Jake yanked down his pants and boxers, squatting down and spreading his legs slightly, leaning forward a bit as a few more spurts of Pee came out, landing on the grass, that just making him moan softly as the angle he was at would release more pee too, Sam was now watching him before he watched his cock and bit his lip, squeezing his crotch, Jake looked up at him “If you need to pee, pee now, and do it infront of me and in this angle, it feels amazing..” He breathed out the last sentence as he then closed his eyes and grunted, scrunching his face as he started to push as Sam blushed hearing the grunting but he bit his lip and nodded as he then got down on his knees, tugging his pants and boxers down again, but this time to his ankles again as he then got on his knees, his cock leaking slightly as he spread his legs to how Jake had his spread and he grabbed his own cock, moaning softly as Jake was still grunting and pushing as he then let out a sigh of relief as he was able to push it out, it making a satisfying thump noise as it hit the ground, Jake got on his knees and pulled his pants and boxers back up after a moment before he then stopped and blushed, seeing a stream then go between his legs and onto the grass as he then looked up to Sam who had his head leant back, his eyes closed, him moaning softly as the stream then got thicker, some splashing onto Jake but he didn’t care, Jake’s eyes going back and forth between his face and stream, he did say to Sam to pee right infront of him, Sam just didn’t expect his stream to be that strong, about a minute or so later Sam finally finished as he let out a sigh of relief and stood up, pulling his boxer and pants back up, buckling up before looking to Jake who was already looking at him, a look of Lust in his eyes as he then tackled Sam down to the floor gently, of course not where they made their messes but slightly further on as he kissed him hungrily and lust filled with as Sam blushed deeply but instantly kissed back, Jake being ontop and now having quite a large bulge as he then slowly pulled back and panted softly as Did Sam as Jake smiled slightly “Come on, let’s go home~” and he got up, pulling Sam up and wrapping an arm around him, pulling him quickly out from behind the bushes and back through the house to the front as Sam got the keys from Jake’s back pocket “I Don’t think we want a Horny guy driving now do we~” and Sam smirked slightly and winked at him before quickly walking to the car, Jake smiled and chuckled softly to himself, he loved the boy, and he now knew what they would be doing alot more often.

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