Beer nights

I hope you guys are not too bored with my stories!

A few years ago, when I was in my twenty’s, I had a drinking buddy, his name was Tom.  Tom and I lived in the same apartment building, and would be at each other’s apartment almost every weeknight drinking beer, and on the weekends we would go out to the bars to drink.  It was a good thing we both worked out daily, because I can’t imagine what we would look like if we had not!  We were both in very good shape, and somewhat muscular.  When we drank, we would not have 1 or 2 beers each; we would go through at a six pack or more each.  It did not matter what brand the beer was either.  It depended on how much money we had to spend and when we got paid that determined whether we had a local domestic beer or a good imported German beer.

During our drinking sessions, I would have to go to the bathroom and piss a couple times each night!  However, as time went on, I began to notice Tom never went to the bathroom while I was there.  I thought he must have one hell of a bladder.  I started feeling self-conscious of my trips to the bathroom.  I even tried to hold back from pissing until the pain was too great, and had to run to the bathroom before I pissed my pants.  One day while I was at the local pharmacy picking up some incidentals, I happened to walk down the aisle that had the adult diapers.  I stopped and thought; why not buy a package of them.  When I needed to take a piss while drinking, I would not have to go into the bathroom!  I took a package off the shelf, and sheepishly slunk to the checkout counter.  The cashier rang everything up.  Mercifully she did not look directly at me. 

The next night when we were going to be at my apartment, I put one of the diapers on, and a pair of baggy sweat pants over them, so that the diaper bulk did not show.  We drank as usual that night and watched television.  We usually sat on opposite sides of the sofa facing the television.   I had difficulty letting myself go and piss in my diaper.  It was just so foreign of an idea to me.  However the pressure was really building up in my bladder and I knew I had to do something quickly.  I got up from the sofa using the excuse I had a leg cramp, and wanted to stretch my legs.  I walked around the room and just tried to relax while standing.  Within a few moments, I felt the sensation of warm piss filling my diaper.  I quickly put my hands over my crotch because I was sure a wet spot had to be showing on the front of my sweat pants.    I soon realized nothing was showing, and my diaper had contained my piss.  The warm piss felt good!  Tom did not notice any of this; he was too involved with what was on the television.  When my bladder was empty, I stood there for a few moments more to be sure there no wet spot showing.  Satisfied all was good, I returned the sofa and continued drinking my beers and watching television.  I repeated this scenario for a while, until I finally got comfortable enough to piss in my diaper while sitting watching television.  Tom never said a word to me about not having to go to the bathroom.  I soon realized I enjoyed wearing a diaper, and the freedom of just pissing whenever or wherever I wanted to.    

One evening while we were at Tom’s apartment, he got up to get us more beer from the kitchen.  I noticed that Tom was wearing baggy sweat pants.  I though back on previous nights and realized he always wore either sweat shorts or sweatpants, depending on the weather.  Prior to my wearing a diaper, I would wear whatever casual clothing I grabbed that night.  I thought this was a bit odd, because Tom always wore well-tailored and expensive clothing, even in the most casual of circumstances his attire was very genteel.  Now looking at him, it appeared he had gained weight; his ass was larger than normal, as was his whole mid-section.  I thought of our daily workouts.  After we worked out at the gym, we would shower and change into our office attire.  Since the gym’s locker room was not private, but a group room, I pretty much knew what shape he was in.  Also, because we undressed and dressed in front of each other, I knew Tom wore CK briefs, and there was not much bulk to them.   

I had to devise a plan to get Tom’s pants off him while watching television!  I am gay, but Tom is straight.  I had seen Tom naked many times at the gym, but tried VERY hard to keep from staring at him.  He did not know I was gay.  

I devised a plan, and hoped it would work.  Tom was at my apartment and we watched television as usual, and drank our beers.  I started to act as though I had a few too many beers to drink that evening.  I started staggering while moving around my apartment, and bumped into a couple pieces of furniture.  Tom noticed this, and said he thought it was time to call it an evening.  This was not an unusual event for us.  On many evenings we did have a few too many beers!  When Tom got up and started to the door, I pretended to trip over a footstool, and fall down.  Tom came over to assist me in getting up.  He grabbed me by my arms and picked me up.  Just as he had gotten me to my feet and let me go, I slid down, and fell on my ass.  On my way down, I just happened to grab onto Tom’s sweatpants and pulled them down.  I looked up at him as he appeared to tower over me.  He had a horrified look on his face.  He was standing over me wearing a diaper and plastic pants!  I happened to get enough of a look, before he quickly ran to the door to notice the diaper he was wearing was a disposable diaper, and that the top of the diaper was above the waistband of his clear pull-on plastic pants.  I got an immediate erection when I saw this.

I hope you guys are not too bored with my stories. 

Tom could not get out the door fast enough.  I had taken this into consideration when making my plans.  The deadbolt on the door required a key to lock and unlock it from both sides, so a person could not lock themselves out.  I had locked the door after Tom came over, and taken the key out of the door.  With his sweatpants still around his ankles, Tom tried with all his might to open the door, until I told him to stop and sit down.  Reluctantly he did as I requested.  He was very red faced and flustered.  Standing directly in front of him as he sat on the sofa, I dropped my sweatpants.  Tom just stared at my diaper for a few moments.  I started getting nervous.  What if he were mad at what I did?  Was he going to hit me?  All these types of questions went through my mind.  Tom leaned forward, and reached out to touch my diaper.  He began to caress my cock and balls through my diaper.  My cock sprung back to immediate attention.  When Tom noticed I did not recoil from his touching me, he slid his hand under my diaper where the leg band met my crotch.  I was wet, having already pissed in my diaper earlier in the evening.  Tom approvingly nodded and smiled at me.  Tom pulled me closer to him, and removed my sweatpants and shirt.  He sat me down on his lap facing him, my legs were straddling his.  Our cocks were touching.  Tom was also hard.  I could feel his erection pressing against me.  Suddenly, I felt a warm sensation.  I heard and felt Tom pissing his diaper.  The warmth I felt was beyond belief!  I could not believe how great it felt.  I almost came!  When Tom finally finished pissing, I knew it was my turn.  I put all my inhibitions aside and just started to piss.  Tom started moaning as the heat from my hot piss radiated from my diaper to his plastic pants and diaper.  As this was happening, I slid my hand inside Tom’s diaper and started massaging his hard stiff cock.  As soon had I finished pissing Tom started releasing the tabs from my diaper; one by one he tore the tape tabs, until my stiff hard cock caused my diaper to fall forward onto Tom.  The excess piss that my diaper was unable to absorb in such a short amount of time leaked onto Tom’s lap.  Tom tugged at my diaper, until he was able to get it to slide out from under me.  I had to stop playing with Tom’s hot stiff cock in order to keep myself stable while he pulled my diaper off.  Once it was off, Tom began to rub my drenched diaper onto his tee shirted chest.  Piss began running down his chest, and into the top of his diaper.   Then with one hand he pulled open the top of his diaper which was above the waist band of his plastic pants and with his other hand, wrung out my wet diaper onto his already wet diaper.  After he had finished, I started rubbing his throbbing cock through his plastic pants.  Tom reciprocated and gave my exposed cock and balls a workout with his hands.  Moments later we both exploded at the same time.  I shot a hot cum stream all over Tom’s tee shirt, and onto his plastic pants.  Tom’s hot cum was all contained within his wet diaper.  I felt the surge of his hot cum as it hit the inside of his diaper.  I continued to rub his cock until he was empty.

After a few moments, I tried to move off Tom’s lap, but he grabbed my arms very hard, and held me there.  I suddenly panicked.  I looked into his eyes and he looked intense as he held me.  What was he thinking?  What was he going to do?  Was he still mad at what I had done?  I did not know.  He pulled me as close as possible to him, and gave me a long passionate kiss.  I asked him what the kiss was for, and he said he had always wanted me to know about his love for wearing diapers, but did not know how to tell me.  He had hoped I would find out somehow, but he never imagined I would find out this way.  He was surprised that I wore diapers also.  I revealed to him that this was fairly new to me, but I found I enjoyed wearing diapers and pissing in them.  I asked Tom why he wore plastic pants with a disposable diaper.  He said that when we got together to watch television, he was always afraid he might piss too much and his diaper might leak.  So in order to ensure there was no leakage he would put on a pair of plastic pants just as a precaution.   

I told Tom I was gay.  His response was ‘then I hope we can do this again.’  Tom said ever since we met he wanted to be with me, but he was afraid that I might not be interested in him or his diaper secret.  I asked him if he was straight.  He responded that as much as he enjoyed being with a woman, he was more comfortable and satisfied with guys.  He also told me that I was the only person to know about his love of diapers.  Tom asked if he could put a clean diaper on me.  Not that he minded looking at me without anything on, but he would enjoy doing this.  Yes I said, as long as I could change his wet cum soaked diaper as well.  My cock got hard again, and since I was naked, there was no hiding it!  Tom looked down at my hard cock and just smiled.  I could tell he had an erection also, as I could feel his hard cock as it pushed against his diaper and plastic pants.  I slid back from Tom’s lap and stood up.  I removed Tom’s wet tee shirt and his sweatpants which were still around his ankles.  I took Tom’s hands to assist him in standing up.  Once he was standing, I slid his plastic pants down, and removed them.  Then I released the tape tabs that were holding his wet diaper on.  When I removed his wet diaper, his stiff cock sprang out.  We stood there and kissed for a few moments, before I led him to the bedroom.  I laid him down on the bed, and got a clean diaper for him.  After I had put it on him, and made sure it was fastened securely, we switched places and he diapered me.  When he finished putting the diaper on me, Tom got onto the bed, and straddled me.  We were crotch to crotch; I was lying down and he sitting on me.  Tom gently ran his hands up and down my chest, and across my diapered crotch.  I reached up and did the same for him.  We both still had erections, and knew what we wanted.   

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