Beer Nights Part II

As the months went by, Tom and I got along really well.  We even decided to move in together because we were spending even more time together than ever before.  We still had or nightly beer drinking sessions, but it actually seemed like more fun now, because we would try to come up with imaginative ideas for pissing.

One night we were we were at a bar within walking distance of our apartment.  We did not like to drink and drive if we did not have to.  We sat at the bar having our beers, watching television, and talking.  As the night progressed, Tom took my hand and placed it on his crotch.  I had expected to feel the thickness of his diaper under his jeans, and hopefully his hard cock!  However, my hand was feeling something strange, and I was not sure of what I was feeling.  I removed my hand quickly.  Tom said to feel it again, and describe what my hand was feeling.  We were sitting at the back corner of the bar, so it was not obvious I was now groping him.  I ran my hand up and down his crotch, and along his inner thigh.  What I felt was something that was warm, and long!  I knew it was not his cock, because it was way too large.  All I could conclude was he had a balloon of some sort shoved down his jeans.  Tom chuckled and said I was close.  He told me he was wearing a condom, and he had been pissing into it all the time we had been at the bar.  I asked him what was holding it on.  Even if he had an erection all this time, the weight of piss and the expansion of the condom would probably cause it to slide off his cock.  He told me he did have a partial erection, but the condom was being held in place by his cock ring.  This I had to see!  I told Tom to meet me in the rest room so I could get a look.  I went first, and a few moments later I was joined by Tom.  Inside the locked restroom and in bright light I could now see the bulge in his blue jeans.  I rubbed the bulge, and could feel Tom’s cock if I gently pressed the bulge.  Tom unfastened his jeans, and put his hand inside his jeans to support the condom.  With his free hand he dropped his jeans to reveal a partially piss filled black condom.  He was not wearing a diaper or underwear.  His cock ring was indeed holding it in place.  The condom was stretched over his balls, and his cock ring was in place on his shaft behind his balls.  I could not resist rubbing the condom.  It felt so nice and warm.  I played with his balls as much as possible.  Tom was getting hard.  I could tell by the look on his face that he liked the sensation.   

Tom said the condom would be held in place and supported by his jeans, so hopefully there was little chance of it bursting.  He said he wanted to see how much piss the condom would hold before it started to leak.  If he started to feel wetness, he said we would leave the bar.  I helped Tom pull his jeans back up and carefully put his piss and condom covered cock and balls back in his jeans, along his inner thigh.  We exited the restroom one at a time and returned to our spot at the bar.  

The evening continued with more beer consumed by us.  I would rub Tom’s inner thigh with regularity to see how stretched and full the condom was.  I was astounded at how much piss a condom held.  The bulge in his jeans kept getting bigger and harder.  It got to the point that I could no longer feel his cock inside the condom.  Just after last call, Tom said it was time to leave; he was beginning to feel wetness.  We paid the bill and quickly finished or last beer.  I rubbed Tom’s inner thigh and the condom was so full, it was hard and huge under his jeans.  I asked Tom how he planned on emptying the condom.  He said that when we got home, he would get into the shower and take his jeans off.  Then unfasten his cock ring and the condom should slide off and flow down the shower drain.  That sounded good, but I had other plans.

We exited the bar and started walking, actually staggering home.  I kept staring at the bulge in Tom’s jeans.  Standing under a street lamp we stopped and Tom started rubbing against me.  I got an immediate erection.  I could feel his warm piss filled condom pressing against my crotch.  My diaper was already full of my own piss, and pre-cum from the excitement of rubbing Tom’s piss filled condom while sitting at the bar.

This was the perfect opportunity for me complete my task.  Earlier I had taken a toothpick from the bar.    While we rubbed against each other, I took the toothpick and very carefully inserted it into the inner thigh bulge of Tom’s jeans. I gently pushed the toothpick through his jeans and into his bulge until I heard a pop.  I quickly withdrew the toothpick and looked to see Tom’s crotch and thigh turning dark blue.  Piss gushed out of the burst condom and the lovely large bulge on his thigh started shrinking.  Tom looked at me with surprise, and yelled “why the fuck did you do that!”  I told him because I wanted to!  The condom quickly deflated.  Piss had soaked Tom’s jeans from his waist down to his feet.  Piss was streaming down his legs.  I started laughing.  He just stood there for a moment, too surprised to do anything.  I could see he was mad, so I started running.  Unfortunately, Tom was a faster runner than I am, and caught up with me very quickly.  He knocked me to the ground, and forced me to lie on my back.  I was still laughing.  He sat on my groin and I couldn’t move.  He said “you think that was funny, well laugh at this.” I felt his wet dripping jeans had begun to soak my jeans.  He sat still for a moment, and then I felt hot piss soaking my jeans.  He was pissing on me.  I told him to stop and that I was sorry for spoiling his plans.  He did not stop.  He unzipped his jeans, and pulled out his semi erect cock.  Then he removed his cock ring and the burst condom and hosed me down.  All I could think of was why did we have all that beer tonight?  He pissed on me for what seemed like forever.  He pissed on my shirt, in my face, and on my hair, before he loosened my jeans and pissed on and inside my diaper.  His piss was everywhere, and tonight his piss was very strong smelling.  It was a cool night, and piss steam rose from my wet polo shirt.  When he finished, he shoved his cock back in his wet jeans, zipped up, and got off me.  Before I could get up though, he pulled my jeans off.  I said to him “at least wait until we get home!”  This was not HIS plan.  He had my jeans off me in a flash!  In doing this, he knocked my loafers off my feet.  Even before I could get to my feet, he was running down the street with my wet jeans.  He left me there with acrid smelling piss dripping down my hair and face.  There was no way to cover up my diaper, my wet polo shirt was too small to wrap around me, and too short to pull down over my diaper.  I had to get home as I was.  It took a few moments to find my shoes.  My socks were wet from standing in piss.  When I did find them, I slid them back on.  The feeling of having wet socks and wet feet in my shoes was not comforting.  

I was fortunate in that I did not see anyone as I attempted to run the rest of the way home.  I was worried I would be seen by someone, if not arrested!  It would have been difficult to explain why I was running soaking wet, wearing a diaper and why I smelled like a community urinal.  It was chilly, and I was cold.  It seemed to take forever to get home.  To make matters worse, I had to piss and piss really bad.  I knew I would not be able to hold it until I got home, so I stopped running and started walking and I just let the piss go.  Pissing was a bad idea!  My diaper was already saturated with my previous piss and the contribution Tom had made to it.  As I walked and pissed, piss leaked out the leg openings of my diaper and ran down my legs.  That was not the end of it though; piss soaked my already wet socks even more, and filled my shoes.  My diaper was so heavy; it began to sag and loosen.  I could hear the tape tabs giving way from the diaper’s heaviness.  Holding my diaper on, I forged my way home.

My hands were numb from the chilly weather and being wet holding my diaper.  Fortunately, Tom had left the door ajar.  This was considerate of him since I had no keys to unlock the door.  I pushed the door open and kicked it closed behind me.  I started blowing on my hands to warm them up only to hear a loud ‘SPLAT’.  Since I was no longer holding onto my diaper, the tape tabs holding my diaper together gave out completely, and it fell to the floor.  Tom was standing in front of me, and now he started laughing.  He said I looked worse and smelled worse than a wet dog!  I said thanks, considering he was the dog that made me smell like this.  He said that was why he planned to discharge his piss from the condom into the bathtub.  He knew his piss was going to stink, and would be able to smell it if and when it started leaking from the condom.  Unbeknownst to me to make his urine smell as much as possible, he had eaten asparagus, taken heavy dosages of vitamin B6, and consumed other rich foods earlier that day and the day before.

At this point I did not care I was almost naked and shivering!  Tom came over to me and took my shirt off.  He hugged me tightly in an attempt to warm me up.  His body was nice and warm considering all he was wearing was a diaper.    I could tell he had just gotten out of the shower.  He smelled so good!  He rubbed my arms and legs to help me warm up, and then took off my wet shoes and socks.  Tom said it would be best if I got into the bathtub and took a nice long hot bath.  To my surprise he already had the tub filled with hot soapy water and helped me in.  Tom sat on the edge of the tub and washed me.  I began to feel human again.  No more a wet smelly dog or community urinal.  As he leaned over to wash my cock and balls, I pulled him into the tub!  He really did not protest too much.  His diaper quickly filled up with soapy water.  I knew he would not do anything, so I grabbed the front of his drenched diaper and tore it off him.  His cock was rock hard as was mine.  He repositioned himself so he was now sitting on my hard cock.  As he slid his tight ass up and down on my shaft, I took his stiff cock into my hand and began to jerk him off.  He had been on the edge of shooting his load all evening.  It was obvious the condom experience had made him extremely horny.  It was not long before he shot his load.  His cum stream fired like a rocket out of the bath water and splashed back into it.  I fucked his sweet ass for a little longer before filling his hole with my hot cum.

After finishing out bath play it was time for bed.  Normally, we sleep only in diapers, but tonight we were both a little chilled from our outdoor pissing experiences, so we put on thin silk pajamas over our diapers.  They were the only pajamas we had.  The pajamas were expensive, and we usually only wore them when we traveled or were not sleeping home.  We both got into bed and cuddled each other.  Just as I was ready to nod off, the silence was shattered by the thunderous sound and stench of flatulence.  I knew it was not from me.  I turned to Tom and said “Couldn’t you leave the room if you had to fart so badly!”  Sheepishly, he said he did not fart; all the asparagus, vitamin B6, and rich foods had finally worked their way through his body.  What he thought was going to be nothing but gas, was in fact much worse!

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