Bedwetting #1

November 27 2015:

Today was my first bedwetting at night where I drank 1 extra large black Chi Tea before going to bed. At 12am, I was already feeling desperate to pee, but I decided to stay in bed. I was feeling really hard-on by the time 12:30am hit and a few drops of pee was release into my Hanes brief underwear and into my Adidas pants. Then 15 mintues after, a huge load of pee was released into my bed with my clothes soaking wet. This was my first time feeling so desperate and wanted to share the story with you

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  1. Nice! That’s what I’m doing almost every night for the moment. So good feeling my boxers and sheets soaked wet, makes me horny!
    No problem to sleep like this! I must say I live in a tropical country.

  2. Yes, it does feel good with the sheets wet and clothes wet. I am trying to loose control of my bladder and feel desperate and bedwetting often.

  3. I drank a couple of beers when I was a young teen & then when I went to bed I woke up totally drenched. So now whenever I go out drinking I make sure that I have a rubber sheet on my bed & totally drench it.

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