Does anyone else enjoy being lazy and just pee in bed during the night rather than get up and go to the toilet. Never have a true accident but sure enjoy pissing ( & shitting ) in my bed

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  1. I have never tried diapers although there is an interest. I do like the mess though of my intentional accidents. Be even better to share a bed with someone else who enjoys “accidnts”

  2. its erotic to do I have to dress the bed for it cant keep ruining mattresses but just lie there and let go is horny I like lie face down and feel poo push out between my cheeks and feel pee spread under my tum and body and just lie there enjoying the warm spread I end up wanking before I clean up

  3. Much the same as myself scoop. Is an effort to poop while laying on my stomach but feels so good and so naughty once I do. Then feel it slide between my cheeks and land on my balls.

  4. i love wetting my bed too, waterproof protection is a wonderful invention. Nothing feels better than wetting my pants while lying in a cozy warm bed 🙂

  5. every morning I wake up in a wet diaper could not stop it if I want to some times messy with it feels great no shame just enjoy the feeling.

  6. I piss in bed most nights. Feels so fucking good! Sometimes I have on a pair of tighty whities, other times I sleep nude. It’s great to be able to just let go. I sleep better and I like the wet surrounding me. I also like waking up in the morning with a pair of wet underpants and smelling like pee. Sometimes I’ll shit in bed as well but I usually get up and make some coffee, come and hang out here and shit in my wet briefs while I jackoff.

  7. wow, would be great to have you spend the night. I have never accidentally pissed or shit the bed. Sure does feel nice though to wake up and freely piss rather than get out of bed. I usually roll over to a dry spot to go back to sleep though. Occasionally I do enjoy a nice shit right there also. Love to lay on my stomach and push till it comes out, skid marks on the top sheet as it rolls down across my legs onto my balls and piles up there.

  8. I’ve pissed in my bed while laying on my back and it feels so great as my warm pee comes out and runs off my body and onto the bed. Along with that and staying on my back, brought my knees up and slowly pooped on my already wet bed and then put my legs down and savored having a wet poopy bed to lay in. I always dream of being in bed with someone to piss and poop together in bed.

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