Bean Punishment

I recently found a women who loves to fart and she and I are in a relationship. I almost ruin that a couple days but she took me back. But I feel like I should still be punish for my actions. So I came up with this idea called the “Bean Punishment”. I would eat beans for three days that I’m off work. Then I would fart in my white shorts till I start to poop. I will poop in them and sit in them for the day. I will poop in the same shorts for three and maybe thinking of selling them and I will flim it. I only bought 6 little can of baked beans for a $1. Will that help me fart and poop myself. I don’t work for three day so I would do this on Tuesday. Also give me three things to wear with my shorts for the three days of torture and maybe enjoyment

So far these are the three things I will wear: Jeans, masterbating pants, and I don’t know what else

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