Beach Toilet Disaster

I really enjoy having diarrhea, it turns me on so much. I usually have planned accidents by eating alot of high fiber foods and holding my poop for a couple days. I’ll take a strong laxative then go for a walk or to the mall and see what happens. Sometimes diarrhea strikes for real, I really love when this happens. This is one of those times. A couple days ago I was out celebrating a friend’s birthday, we spent the day /night out eating and drinking. The next day I woke up pretty hung over, I guess I drank more than I thought. Being such a nice day out I sucked it up and headed for the beach. I had a nice breakfast then I went for a nice swim. Afterwards I sat on my lawn chair to enjoy the sun. About 30 minutes in my stomach takes a turn for the worst. I start to feel like I’m going to me sick. I get up and head to the public toilet but it closed for repair. Just great, my stomach feels alot worse and I know now that I’m going to vomit. I spot some porta potties down the beach and hurry there. The urge to vomit getting worse by the second. I finally make and go inside barely getting the door shut. I start puking when I start getting another feeling in my stomach. Diarrhea strikes. I try to hold back not wanting to ruin my bathing suit but the pressure is to great and massive wet bubbly fart erupts followed by a massive wave of runny poop. It fills the front, back and explodes out the sides of my bottoms, running down my legs. I’m still puking while this happens. This continues for about 10 minutes. I finally get things under control and quickly head for the water to clean up. I’m feeling a little embarrassed and extremely horny. I leave to water and find a nice private spot to masturbate. Just as I’m about to orgasm another wave of diarrhea hits me so I just release while having an orgasm and fill my bottoms again. Back to the water to clean up once more then pack up and head home for some more fun.

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  1. I like mine massive, soft/mushy and stinky….

  2. Sure is nice to know that others enjoy the same thing as me. Poo is a VERY exciting part of my sexuality;)

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