Beach blowout.

A girlfriend of mine has a condo in Mexico and invited me out for a couple weeks. Being that it’s my first time in Mexico I am pretty excited. I’ve been constipated for about a week prior to leaving but I wasn’t going to let that stop me and I figured all the Mexican food I’m about to eat will hopefully help clear me out. So I pack my bags and meet my friend at the airport. Day 1 we arrive in Mexico and since we’re both starving we head out for a big meal. After that it’s to the condo to unpack and have some drinks. On the way I am warned that it’s important not to drink the tap water because it might make me pretty sick. I think to myself how hard could that be. Well it was harder than I thought. That night after a day of drinking, eating and relaxing on the beach it’s time for bed. After using the tap to brush my teeth and take a couple big gulps of water I realize what I just did. I drank the fucking tap water. The next morning I wake felling a little hung over but other than that I feel fine. So a few hours pass and I’m back on the beach i still feel fine other than I still haven’t pooped and my stomach is a little swollen. I think to myself I’ll b fine. We’ll I guess I spoke to soon because less than 10 min later my stomach starts making all kinds of noises and the cramping is getting pretty bad, just then I get the urgency that I have to go Now. I jump up letting out a loud uncontrollable wet far grab my butt and run for the bathroom. I get there and there is a big line up and think to my self I’m so fucked I’ll never make it. After what felt like ages I finally make it into the bathroom but there is only 2 stalls and still 4 people in front of me. I’m shocked that I’ve made it this long but the cramps are getting worse I’m in alot of pain and it feels like there is an ocean of diarrhea pushing at my hole i feel like I’m ready to explode. My stomach is so bloated it almost looks like I’m pregnant. The last 2 ladies enter the stalls and just my luck I hear one sitting down and start to have what soundshe like some pretty explosive diarrhea which isn’t helping me and the other lady starts to vomit. A few more minutes pass and this time I get a wave of cramps so bad that my butt hole opens and a massive soft turd explodes into my bathing suit followed by wave after wave of diarrhea. I just stood there in front of a bunch of women holding onto the sink and filled my bottoms. My bottoms are so full they start to sag and diarrhea pours out the sides runs down my legs and starts forming a large puddle on the floor. I must of been gone a while because my friend comes in and finds me covered in diarrhea standing in my own puddle. I start crying and my friend comforts me and says she’ll be back with clean clothes. I finally get cleaned the best I can and head back to the condo. On the way back in had diarrhea 2 more times. I’m finally back at the condo sitting on the toilet in my shit filled panties feeling sick and horny so I reach into my shitty panties and start fucking myself. Just as I’m about to squirt a blast of diarrhea explodes into my panties and I cum so hard. I spent the next 2 days on the toilet . I didn’t think is was possible to shit that much.

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  1. That you for sharing, I know that feeling,when you are so turned on that it just tingles, and that urge is there and you have to do something.. To cum..or not to cum…it feels really really god to do it when you are messy

  2. Making the best of a bad situation.Once you start to poop in your panties you might as well keep going and really enjoy yourself by getting as messy as you can and finger your pussy until you explode with pleasure

  3. Super fuckin hot! šŸ˜€ <3 two girls with explosive diarrhea and another vomiting, sounds like a mexican beach bathroom is the place to be!

  4. Wow that was such a hot story.

    I agree if you ever get really messy explosive diarrhea you may as well enjoy it

  5. This is a really hot story. How come you are diarrheagirl and you were constipated for a whole week?

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