Bad poop accident – desperate girl

I’ve never really done anything on this website except from watching videos. Now I’ve recorded one myself, and I think I’m ready to tell about how I “got into” this… I have a couple of stories, because I’m quite an idiot when it comes to “go when I have to”.

For some reason, I’ve always been quite good at holding it in, if I had to pee or poop. The only bad thing about this is that at some point, I just NEED a bathroom RIGHT AWAY.
So, about four years ago, I went to this local bar with my friends as well as other young people from my town. There was a concert and we thought we were SO cool with our virgin drinks – the only drinks that were served this day. We was there for about 5 hours and everytime my friends went to the bathroom, I was like “nah, I can wait”. When it was time to go home, I felt a little something in my stomach, but I felt like I could wait. My friends mom picked me, her daughter and two other girls up to drive us home. She dropped the two girls off and we drove a little, when I suddenly felt a cramp in my stomach and I knew I had to go number 1 AND 2. I didn’t want an accident to happen in her car so I asked her to drop me off, because I needed some fresh air (had to walk 1,5 miles home) and she said “okay” and I said goodbye to my friend and started speed-walking home.

At this point, my left hand was… between my legs to hold back the pee and my right hand between my buttcheeks. I started running and I tried to think of a quiet spot where I could pull my pants down and poop, but there wasn’t any places like that. I knew my parents weren’t home, so I wouldn’t mind pooping outside the house, just don’t in the middle of the street. To make it all worse, a very close friend to my family who lives nearby stood there on the street and wanted to talk. I had to stop and I started panicking, cause I felt the poop starting to slip out in my underwear. I asked him if I could go to his bathroom and he said “of course” and i went in. When i rushed into his hallway i couldn’t hold it in anymore and started peeing and pooping, as I ran to the bathroom.

So, that was basically it… I didn’t even pull down my pants, I just stood there, when soft, mushy poop filled up my Victoria’s Secret hipsters. I didn’t think about taking off the dirty underwear, I just cleaned my legs and the floor with some toilet paper and tied my sweater around my waist to make it less obvious that I just messed myself. All I wanted was to go home. I told the man and his wife that my cousin was waiting to pick me up at home, and that I was running late from the bar-concert-thing with my friends.

So, the end, I guess… it felt so incredibly nice when I could finally relax and feel it all coming, but at the same time I felt disgusted with myself, as I walked home with the “bulge of shame” in my pants. I actually felt it coming out of the side of my hipsters, because it was so mushy and soft………

Hope you liked it… Leave a comment if you want to hear more of my accident stories.. btw. I had to throw away my FAVORITE pair of PINK undies 🙁

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  1. Oh your story is sooo sexy :)) Of course I would like to hear more of them…. Your story reminds me of my accident and for sure they are relly inspiring… :))

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