Bad lunch incident

A true story I saw on someone’s blog.

Sep. 29th 2007, a lot of students of a police school here (same age as the college students),

had a bad lunch and got food poisoning. Luckily it wasn’t too serious but still the guys got the runs.

Some of them wrote down the whole thing in their blogs later (in Chinese), about how many times they had to

take an urgent runny dump, some just couldn’t hold it and go in the pants, and also the huge mess they made in the toilets

of the dorm…we all know what asian type toilet is, you squat down and get the job done

but these poor guys were just in a hurry and couldn’t aim well, and the floors were so painted with runny shit.

It was a disaster, especially for the ones who had to clean up.

Feel sorry for these guys, but I also have to admit that I was really turned on

when I saw the stories about their explosive diarrhea!

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  1. can u give us the url, we can use google translate to translate from chinese to english

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