back to school days

some of the recent stories had made me think of some of the stuff that happened when i was at school. I must have been around 12 or 13 when i first became aware of the urge to piss my pants. It was even worse while i was in class. being surrounded with good looking lads of my own age, and getting bored with lessons meant that i had plenty of time to fantasise about the other boys in my class.
I decided that if i was to piss myself with no one else knowing, i would need some plastic pants.

In those days you could buy sheets of nice plastic from Woolmart, so that is what i did. Using my Mum’s sewing machine one Saturday when she was out, i fashioned myself the best piss pants ever. Such were my sewing skills that i even made the pants with elasticated legs and waist band. It would be several years before i discovered you could buy this stuff.

So one day when i was feeling particularly randy, i donned a couple of pairs of regular cotton pants with home made plastic pants over, and made my way to school.

During the morning i let out some huge spurts of wee and the feeling was absolutly fantastic. Wetness soaking into my arse and around by young balls was amazing. Not since my freind Paul had allowed me to put my hand up the leg of his shorts and feel his young erect prick on a coach trip, had i felt so turned on.

The pissing went into the afternoon but i realised that the wee had leaked out and had soaked the arse of my trousers. So i was sitting in a puddle. However, the base of my jacket covered most of the wet patch on my bum, so no one said anything, even if they noticed.

When i got home i had to devise some way of getting my wet  gear off and making up some excuse as to why my school trousers needed a wash

I told my Mum i had acidentlay fallen over and she needed to put the trousers in the wash, but the pissed pants i hid under my bed until they dried off. I hid the plastic pants in a drawer until i knew i would want them again. In bed that night i had the most enormouse wank ever 

And the next time, well thats a different storey

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  1. j’aurais bien voulu pissé dans mon pantalon quand j’étais à l’école … même si je savais que je me serais pris une bonne raclée à la maison …
    "quoi pisser à ton âge ???"

  2. I wore a school uniform grey shirt, Lined charcol grey shorts and grey soxs with the school colours at the top.
    I often got bored in class and would let spurts of pee into my shorts. Being dark grey it hardly showed. I would dream about other good looking boys wetting their pants and how nice it would be to wear their wet shorts. My best friend would wet his shorts too and we often swaped our shorts at play time.

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