Back street shit

I was on my way home, feeling horny but faced just a bleak evening of my own company.
Apart from running a couple of time a week and the same for swimming, I can’t claim to be the world’s greates portsman. That said, I do walk the six kilometres to and from work every day and it was this habit that led to the following incident a couple of weeks ago.
About three kilometres from the centre of town I pass through a run-down residential area due for demolition and a new social housing scheme. There’s a narrow alley between two derelict houses that only leads to their respective gardens and I sometimes used it as a piss stop. Judging by the smell, I wasn’t the only one !
I didn’t need a piss but, as I walked past it, my eye caught sight of a guy squatting with his back to me taking a shit. I just had to watch. Seeing a guy taking a shit is a massive turn on for me. But if I just stop and stare I risk getting my head bashed in, I reasoned,…….. Somehow I just had to see this happen. Precum was already flowing into my non too fresh underwear. I pretended to be standing waiting for someone… looked at my watch every now and again …… l looked up and down the street expectantly ……
I could see that a puddle of piss was gathering around the guy’s shoes. And I could also see his shit chute opening and then closing as he tried to get his log out but it was definitely not an easy job. I could hear him grunt and he farted a couple of times – which made him chuckle a bit.
Finally, and with a massive effort, his arse finally opend up and the tip of a fairly solid lookig turd began to appear…. and then more…..and more until it touched the ground. It didn’t break off so the guy had to raise his arse and yet more came out. Finally it dropped. The breeze even brought me a whiff of good healthy shit with it.
I expected the guy to wipe – but he didn’t. He stood up, pulled his jeans up in one lightning movement and turned to face me. He was around my age (27) and a swarthy, fit looking guy – maybe Portuguese. His face was expressionless as he gazed steadily into my eyes and then began to walk towards me. My instinct was to flee but I just stood there rooted to the spot for some reason.
« Go and take a look. You might like it. » he said without emotion as he passed me and walked across the road to his car. Perfect tight arse, expensive jeans (but no underwear) and a shirt that looked as though it might have been made for him. Somehow that didn’t go with the elderly car he got into. Whatever…
Well, I did look and it was a superb bit of shitmanship. Fairly solid, dark brown and lying there in a semi circle on the ground. At that point I lost my head completely to the situation. Pulling down my own jeans and underwear, I squatted and pushed out the shit I’d been saving up to entertain myself with that evening. It fell right on top of the other guy’s. My cock was rock hard and it only took a few strokes to dump a load of cum on top of our combined efforts.
Coming to my senses I pulled jeans and underwear up rapidly, looked round, saw nobody and quickly went on my way. No, I didn’t wipe either. I forgot in my hurry – but that would give me something to have fun with in the evening, I thought …..and it did.
The following evening…………… but that’s another story………

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