Back in the habit again

As you all have probably seen from my uploaded content as of late, I am getting very much back into the wetting mix. There was a bit of downtime, but now I can honestly say it’s back to a multiple times a day thing. What’s cute and funny at the same time is that my wife says I’m in a much better mood and laugh a lot more and aren’t so serious all the time. So yeah, if you are viewing this site and see my name in the list of online members, be sure to check out the video chat because I’ll pretty much always be in the video chat putting on a wet show for whoever wants to watch. Don’t be shy to ask to see my cam. I bet I enjoy wetting on cam more than you enjoy watching! 😉 I LOVE YOU ALL AND STAY AS WET AS POSSIBLE!!!! ^_^

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  1. Cool – your videos are an inspiration – so i look forward to seeing them – and hopefully rewarding you with some decent quality videos back 🙂

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