Babys Punishment

Daddies making me write this story as part of punishment for not being in a diaper.


He went out of town for a business trip for a few days and when he came back he wasn’t changing me like normal.  I had thought he had lost interest in diapering me and I had grown tired of doing it too. So last night after a shower I put on a pull-up to try and start weaning myself off of diapers.  But when daddy found out I wasn’t wearing a diaper he spanked my bare bottom more than ever before.  He then made me go lay on my changing table.  He was madder than I ever seen him.  He told me he was going to punish me even more to teach me a lesson.  After he strapped me onto the changing table and had a disposable below my bottom he started looking round for something.  I didn’t know what he was trying to find as he wouldn’t tell me. Until, he came back with an enema bag.  Despite my protests he gave me an enema and told me to hold it or I’d get more spankings.  He then taped the diaper on and put a cloth diaper over it and of course plastic pants.  Then he dressed me and took me to a park to eat lunch with him.  We sat on a park bench as I ate Taco Bell and he ate chicken. He finally told me I could let go.  Despite that I don’t want nor do I like messing in public I couldn’t hold it any longer.  Knowing I wouldn’t get spanked for it out it came.  I pooped my diaper a lot but surprisingly it didn’t leak.  He then made me walk around the park with him awhile telling me to keep pushing it all out or id get more spankings.  I did as I was told, but it made quite a mess of my diaper.  Finally we left for home.  Here I sit in my poopy diaper typing this.  I can’t get changed till this story is done so there it is.


Lesson always wear diapers and do as daddy says.

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