Awkward Situation an Hour Ago

Well long story short is that to many people were in the house at the time for me to get dressed up and have some fun with my girlfriend so we decided to relocate to the local park and do some things there (roughly at 11 at night). However while I was in the process of getting my “messing” clothes on and inserting a butt plug, a police officer drives up behind us. Needless to say we had about 10 seconds to cover up everything we could and come up with an inconspicuous excuse for what we were doing. And once again long story short everything turned out just fine but I would just like to express how horribly awkward that situation was, so much so that I felt the need to post it.

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  1. Good thing the cop didn’t come a little later while you and your girlfriend where in the thick of things. I’m sure if you weren’t naked you can excuse just about anything. I go driving in soaked jeans all the time and have almost gotten caught by the fuzz too. Good luck next time.

  2. J’ai eu beaucoup moins de chance que vous, je revenais de la fête de la musique à pied et avec une couche bien remplie de pipi, 2 policiers m’ont interpellé car ils recherchaient un trafiquant de drogue. Lors de la fouille à travers les vêtements, ils ont remarqué ma couche et ont pensé que j’avais des produits illicites dans ma couche … (lire dans mes histoires)

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