Awesome Public Wetting Accident Just Now!

So I just got home from Rite-Aid and just took off my pee soaked cargo pants.  Yup, pants!  Was a little cool outside so I decided to wear pants instead of my usual shorts.  How did these pants get soaked with pee you ask?  Well, it was the result of a very unplanned accident.

I had already had to pee pretty badly at work today, but I held it until I got home.  Instead of peeing like I planned, I was coaxed into going to Rite-Aid.  So I kept my urge inside me and got to Rite-Aid.  Even though I could use their bathroom, I decided to keep holding because the urge was bad, but it was still very controllable.  I finish buying my shit and I’m standing in a huge ass line at the checkout.  Standing totally still was murder on my bladder.  I casually used the hand basket to hide the fact I was grabbing my crotch.  I managed to make it to about the center of the line when it finally happened.  I started leaking in my undies and it started soaking into my pants and then all of a sudden I let out 4 very loud sneezes that caused everyone in line to jump and look over as me while the force of my sneeze made me totally soak my pants!  And these weren’t casual glances, these were straight up stares and then the giggles and laughing started.  This was the first time in such a long time that a public wetting got me this type of reaction and I must say even though this was unplanned, it sure made not only my day, but also my year!  I’m pretty sure the onlookers who had their phones out snapped some pics and I can only hope they show up on the net somewhere. 

Anyways, yeah great day I just had!

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  1. I had about the same kind of accident but not so much piss. On the way back from the beach I wanted to buy something in a 7/Eleven. Already on the way I needed to piss and tried to hold it though I had some squirts and stains on my shorts.In the shop, suddenly more squirts and piss leaking out of my shorts onto the floor! I was ashamed and left quickly. Nobody noticed because not many people there.

  2. From what we see in your wetting videos that must have been quite a flood – WOW!!! Wish I had been there.

  3. It would make a wonderful video.:-)

    What happened next? Did you wait your turn to be served or just get out of the place?

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