Away at College

Troy had finally made it. After months of hard work and studying, he was now finally at college. He made it into his first choice. It was halfway across the state. Far enough away to make sure there would be no unexpected family visits. Troy valued his privacy. That’s why he choice an older dorm room on the edge of campus. It was knowns as a place for seniors to go to work on there theses. Noone bothered anyone else and noone walked all the way over there if they didn’t have too. This was going to be awesome. He looked around the room as he set the last of his things down. There were two old mattresses, both slightly stained and completely unprotected. But the second bed reminded him of the one hole in his plan. The university did not allow freshmen to live alone in dorms. He would have a roomate. Kyle sounded good enough when they spoke over the phone. But he would put a serious damper on Troy’s privacy. He’s have to work on that problem later.

For now, Troy stepped out on the the balcony of the old dorm. He managed to score a room on the third floor. It gave a great view and assured that he couldn’t be seen well from the ground. That more than made up for having to drag a refrigerator up three flights of stairs. He looked off in the distance and the warm breeze refreshed him. He looked down at his blu jeans and white sneakers and his thoughts turned to his screaming bladder. He knocked back half a dozen cokes on the car ride over and hadn’t stopped once for a bathroom break. He was getting pretty near bursting. He noted the bathroom on the way in. It looked clean enough. Not that he would be using it. After hours of depriving himself, Troy relaxed. He felt hot piss jet out of his cock and soak his white boxer briefs. He sighed in relief as piss began to pour down the legs of his blue jeans. It wasn’t long before he felt his sneakers and socks start to get wet. Then the puddle began to form around him and began to trickle off the edge of the balcony. As soon he finished wetting, he became hard as a rock. A few quick jerks sent sticky jets of cum into his briefs. Troy sat out on the balcony for a while and watched the sun set. But the time he went back into his room, he wasn’t even dripping anymore, though his wet shoes were still pretty squishy. He thought about taking them off to save the carpet, but decided he loved the feeling of being wet. So he spent the next couple of hours unpacking in his wet clothes. When he ordered pizza later on, he even answered the door in his still damp jeans.

Eventually, all good things come to an end. It was time for bed and time to clean up. Troy stepped into the bathroom and looked at the toilet as he felt his half full bladder. He lifted the lid of the toilet and felt a naughty twinge as he let is piss go into his damp and smelly jeans. Then, he stepped into the shower and turned the sprayer on. He enjoyed his fully clothed shower and jacked off into his hand. As he licked up his cum, he thought of how hard it would be to do this with a roomate around. He climbed into bed naked and drifted off into sleep wondering what the future would bring.

To be continued.

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