Away at College Part III

The rude blair of an alarm clock woke Troy from his peaceful slumber. The first thing he noticed was his head. He had way too much whiskey last night. The second thing he noticed was his bed. It was still soaked from last night. Though it wasn’t as cold as he thought it would be. He’d wet his bed plenty of times growing up, but usually in the morning. This was the first time he’d slept the whole night in a wet bed. He felt pressure in his bladder and considered warming up his bed. But then he though of his room mate Kyle. He’d introduced him to the wonderful world of piss. He was sleeping across the room in his own bed. His own wet bed. Troy slowly got up and walked over to him. He briefly surveyed the damage. Troy was soaked. His PJ pants, socks and most of his shirt were wet. There was still a wet patch on the carpet from last night. He looked at Kyle sleeping peacefully. He pulled out his cock and started pissing on Kyle. The pee soaked his shaggy blond hair. Kyle woke up with a start.

“Dude, what the fuck,” he groaned.
“Time to get up,” Troy said, “we have class this morning and I think we probably both need to shower. How’s you bed feel?”
“This is amazing! I haven’t wet the bed since I was a little kid. It felt so good. It’s not even really cold. Did you wet again this morning?”
“Not yet,” Troy told him, “I was saving it for you. Do you want a taste?”

Kyle responded by reaching out and grabbing Troy’s damp crotch. Troy let loose and started pissing his pants, Kyle pulled him closer and put his mouth over Troy’s pissing crotch. He drank Troy’s strong morning piss right through his pajama pants. Troy pushed the covers aside and went for Kyle’s shorts. He pulled them down and engulfed his cock in his mouth. As he emptied his bladder into Kyle’s mouth, he sucked his cock and balls and even managed to suck on his asshole. Soon, Troy was rewarded with a mouthful of hot piss as Kyle emptied his bladder. Both boys continued to suck down each other’s piss until they came in their mouths. Well, Troy came in his pants and Kyle sucked it through them.

They both briefly considered cutting class and spending the day in Kyle’s soaking wet bed, but thought better of it. They headed to the bathroom and Kyle hoped in the shower. As Troy started stripping off, Kyle pulled him in.

” Don’t get undressed yet. I bet you look totally hot in wet clothes.”
“You like getting wet in your clothes?” Troy asked.
” Yes, especially now that I learned how much fun it is to pee in them. But I’ve always loved getting wet and swimming in my clothes and shoes.”
“Me too, I’ve been doing it since I was a kid.”

As the hot water covered them, they began to soap up and were soon naked and clean. Troy stroked Kyle’s shaved cock and pubes “You always shave your pubes?” he asked.
“Ever since they grew in,” Kyle replied.
“Me too, I hate pubic hair.”
Kyle reached over and felt Troy’s shaved pubes. Both boys had bare pubes and asses. They also had smooth chests. Though Kyle noted that, while he had two tufts of blond hair under hid arms, Troy’s pits were shaved bare. “Dude, your shaved armpits are so sexy. Maybe I should have mine too.”
“I have a better idea,”Troy suggested, “I’ve always wanted to try something, but was too nervous. Let’s shave our whole bodies. Pits, legs, arms. I want to be totally smooth and hairless.”
Kyle eagerly agreed. Both boys lathered up and started shaving. Soon they were totally hairless save for the hair on their heads. They dried off and got ready for class. Both boys opted for light bluejeans and t shirts. Troy wore a pair of white boxer briefs and blue and grey socks with his white sneakers. Kyle opted to freeball and wore his sneakers sockless. As they were about to step out the door Kyle spoke up. “Damn, I didn’t want to have to use the toilet at all, but I’ve got to pee and I don’t want to go to my first class in wet pants.”
“That’s an easy fix,” Troy replied. He unzipped his jeans and fished out his shaved cock. He aimed in at the center of the room and started pissing on the carpet. Kyle quickly pulled down his own pants and did the same. Soon, both boys had empty bladders and the carpet was soaked with a huge wet.

The first half of the day was pretty uneventful. Troy was more into sciences and Kyle was planning on becoming a history major, so they didn’t have any classes together that morning. They met up for lunch and tore through a mediocre cafeteria lunch and a couple of sodas. As they told each other about their mornings, they both became aware an increasing need to pee. As neither one had any interest in peeing in a toilet, they decided to try to hold it. They both had one more class for the day. As luck would have it, they had calculus together. They agreed to hold off and wet their pants when they got back to their dorm.

They piled in to math class just before the lecture started. The chairs were arranged in a big circle. Because of their late arrival, Kyle and Troy couldn’t sit together. They ended up nearly across from each other. As the lecture droned on, Tory became aware of an increasing need to pee. He looked across and could see Kyle holding himself on and off. Or was he subtly jerking off? Troy was about to excuse himself and give in to the bathroom when he got a text from Kyle.

“Dude, I can’t hold it anymore” and then another “I’m gonna do it right here”.

Troy couldn’t believe what he was reading. He looked up to see Kyle relax. The crotch of his light blue jeans erupted in to a dark blue. Piss was starting to drip off the chair onto the carpet and it was running down Kyle’s legs into his shoes. Other students were starting to look and him and he could here a few comments. The teacher droned on oblivious. Another text came in.

“Troy, wet you pants. Piss yourself in class in front of everyone.”

Troy was as excited and nervous as he had ever been. He gave a slight push and felt his crotch enveloped in hot wetness. He could hear the hissing his jeans. It sounded so load in his ears. Then came the sound of pee dripping onto the rug. He could hear more students talking about them as he felt the warm pee moving down his legs and soaking into his socks. He looked down and could see piss leaking out of his shoes. He looked up and still the professor lectured on. Surely he must have noticed. Troy looked over at Kyle and his eyes nearly fell out of his head. Kyle was jerking off. And not through his pants. His jeans were undone and he was jerking his cock out in the open. Troy looked around. Some students looked disgusted, others looked turned on. A couple were even subtly playing with themselves. Troy couldn’t belief himself as he took out his own cock and began rubbing it. Soon he hear Kyle moan. Both both shot their loads in their hands at the exact time. Kyle brought his hand up and brazenly ate the cum out of his hand. Troy, not believing his boldness, did the same. After that, they both zipped up and tried to listen to the rest of the lecture.

An hour later, class was over and the students started to head out. Just as Kyle and Troy were about to leave, the professor called them both over.

“I saw what both of you did in class today.”

Troy’s blood ran cold. As cold as his still wet pants.

“Explain yourselves.”

Troy figured that things couldn’t get any worse, so he might as well enjoy the ride.
“I wet my pants on purpose, sir. Then I jacked off and ate my cum. I do it all the time. I love piss. See.” With that, Troy give a push and started pissing in his pants again. “It feels so warm and good. I can feel in all the way down to my shoes.” Troy kicked off one of his soaked sneakers and picked it up. He brought to his mouth and drank the piss from it. As his slipped his wet foot back into his sneaker, he head another hissing sound. He turned to look at Kyle, assuming it was him. But it wasn’t. Then it hit him. It made perfect sense. That’s why his professor didn’t call them out during class. This hissing was coming from him.
“Hey Troy,” Kyle said with a wicked smile, “you want a drink?”
Troy dropped to his knees in front of Kyle as he took his cock out. He started pissing, hitting Troy in the groin. He moved up, soaking his shirt until he reached his face. He briefly soaked Troy’s hair, before Troy took his cock in his mouth and drank his fresh, hot piss, right in front of their teacher.He saved the last mouthful and stood up. Kyle and Troy made out, sharing the last of Kyle’s piss.

“See you next class,” Kyle said.

As the boys finally got outside, they burst into laughter. They couldn’t believe what had just happened. As they headed back toward the dorm, they passed the pool. As most students were still in class, it was deserted. The hot tub looked very inviting. As they were about to try it out, they heard a voice behind them.

“I can’t believe what you guys did in class back there.” The voice belonged to another freshman, He spoke with a deep irish accent and had a ginger complexion and hair. He wore a tank top with jeans and sneakers. From what Troy and Kyle could see, his chest and pits were completely smooth. “I should be disgusted, but it kinda turned me on.” The boy blushed as he said that. “My name’s Braden.”
“Hello, Braden,” Kyle replied, “you should try it sometime. It feels amazing.”
“You gonna do it again?”
“No, Troy wet his pants again already, then he drank my pee.”
“You guys even drink pee.” Braden was almost trembling. Troy could see that he was incredibly turned on.
“You could join us for a dip in the hot tub,” Troy offered.
“That’s okay, I didn’t bring a suit”
“Neither did we.”
With that, Troy stepped right into the hot tub without even taking his shoes off. Kyle hopped right in after him.
“Sure, why not,”Braden said as he started to kick off his shoes.
“Leave your shoes on,”Kyle suggested, “it’s more fun that way.
“And,” added Troy, “as long as you are gonna get wet anyway, you might as well pee your pants.”
Braden hesitated, then appeared to strain. The crotch of his jean darkened and a thin line of wetness traveled down his leg. “That’s all I can do now,” he said as he hopped, fully clothed, into the hot tub. As the boys hung out, they chatted about their day. Troy and Kyle told Braden about their wet pants adventures. He seemed especially into the fact that they wet their beds. Braden was a bedwetter as a child and was always horribly punished.

Eventually, they exchanged contact info with Braden had headed back to the dorm. It was getting late and their wet clothes were rather cold by the time they got back to the room. They were both pleasantly surprised by the pissy smell when they walked inside. They stripped off and jumped in the shower to warm up. After, they dressed in tshirts, boxer briefs and PJ pants. As they were settling down to play some playstation, Kyle asked “So Troy, I have poop. Now what do I do?”

To be continued…

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  1. Hey there.

    Good to see a continuation of this story. I have been waiting with baited breath, and was not disappointed. Great third chapter, and here’s to chapter 4. Can’t wait to see what these boys do with their shit.

  2. Really this is the best one, it make me hard instantly. I would love doing the same in the middle of the place 🙂

  3. Can’t we ever have someone who keeps holding it in and succeeds in getting it to ease and go back in?

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