Away at college Part II

Troy woke up to the annoying sound of his alarm. It was his first full day at college and he didn’t want to sleep in too late. Classes didn’t start until tomorrow, but he had to get ready for the arrival of his roommate, Kyle. As he lay in the warm bed, he felt his full bladder. He briefly considered letting go and wetting his unprotected bed. But there was no way he could explain that to his roomy. So he got up and walked in to the bathroom. He stood in the bathroom and grabbed his semi hard cock. He let loose with a hot stream of dark morning piss and directed the stream all over his naked, smooth body. He even pissed on the bile of wet clothes still on the floor. As his stream died down, he grabbed a cup and filled in about half full. He rose the cup to his lips and greedily gulped his morning piss down. He loved drinking his own pee. As he drank, he jacked is cock and shot a load of hot sticky cum in the palm of his hand. As he ate the cum off his hand, he wondered what his room mate would be like.

Troy mopped of the bathroom and gathered up his wet clothes and shoes. He slid on a pair of board shorts, leaving the underwear in his dresser. He also elected to stay barechested and barefoot as he walked across the street to the laundromat.

By mid morning, Troy heard a car pull up. Soon, the door to his room opened and in stepped Kyle. He was about 5 ft 6 with shaggy blond hair. He had a trip physique and nice tan. They could have been brothers, but for Troy’s brown hair. The two boys spend the afternoon getting Kyle moved in and getting to know each other. As the day wore on, Troy broke out his Playstation and Kyle broke out a bottle of whiskey.

“Where the hell did you find that, ” Troy teased.
“It was the only thing I could manage to steal from my Dad’s liquor cabinet,” Kyle responded. “It will get us drunk just the same.”

So, the two spend the rest of the night playing games and getting buzzed. After a couple of hours, they were locked in combat in a particularly addicting game, when Kyle spoke up.

“Dude, time out, I really have to piss.”
” No time outs, you leave, you forfeit,” Troy responded, not believing the words coming out of his mouth.

Kyle was now standing up and hopping from foot to foot. He grabbed at his crotch. He wore dark brown cargo pants with red and blue sneakers. What Troy couldn’t see was his red briefs and white and grey socks.
As the game went on, neither Troy nor Kyle could best the other.

“Dude I’m gonna piss myself if we don’t stop,” Kyle whined.
Not believing the gall, Troy fired back, ” I don’t care, you will have to forfeit.”
” I’m not gonna let you beat me, ” Kyle fired back with a smile.

Not two minutes later, Kyle started moaning. Then he said something that made Troy hard as a rock.

“This is silly. I’m gonna end up loosing control anyway, I might as well give in.”

The sound of the hissing inside Kyle’s pants broke Troy’s concentration. A huge wet patch blossomed over Kyle’s crotch and began pouring down both legs of his cargo pants. Kyle was still pissing as his sneakers overflowed and pee started soaking into the rug.

“That actually felt really, really good,” a breathless Kyle said.

Troy was fully buzzed and lost all his inhibitions. He stood up “I have to go too.”

“Well, I’m sure not letting you leave to go to the toilet.”
“I don’t want to go to the toilet”

And with that Troy started pissing full bore into his jeans. In no time, he felt piss start pooling on the rug around his bare feet. By the time they were done. There was a 3 foot long soaking wet patch in the carpet. Neither one of them cared. Both boys looked at each other and started jerking off through their pissy wet pants.

“You ever do this before,” Kyle asked.
“Every chance I get.”
“It’s really hot. I’m gonna have to do it again sometime.”
“We should do it all the time,” Troy shot back as he placed his and on Kyle’s wet crotch. The two kissed passionately has they jerked each other off. Then, Troy kneeled down on the wet carpet and undid Kyle’s wet pants. He pulled off Kyle’s wet shoes and massaged his wet, socked feet. He brought Kyle’s right foot to his mouth and started licking. He sucked the warm piss through Kyle’s wet sock and swallowed greedily. Then he pulled off Kyle’s pants and briefs, revealing a beautiful cock and pubes that were completely shaved. He licked up and down Kyle’s hard shaft and stated sucking. It only took a few seconds before Troy tasted Kyle’s warm, sticky cum.

” I still gotta pee,” a breathless Kyle said.
” I want it, ” replied Troy.
” Dude, that’s so hot.”

Kyle again started pissing, this time right into Troy’s mouth. He savored the flavor before swallowing every drop.

As always, all good things must come to an end. The boys took a shower and Kyle sucked off Troy. Then it was off to bed. Classes started tomorrow and they both needed their rest. Kyle opted for board shorts and bare feet. Troy dressed in a tshirt, pajama pants and socks. But he made sure to walk through the wet patch on the carpet and soak his socks before getting into bed. As he got comfortable, he realized he needed to pee again. With a wicked grin, he rolled onto his stomach. With one good push, he began pissing full bore into the unprotected mattress. It felt amazing.

“Man I gotta pee again,” Kyle said.
” Just wet you bed, ” Troy replied, ” I just did.”
” Good idea.” And Kyle began soaking his mattress too.

To be continued.

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