Away at College IV

“So Troy, I have to poop. Now what do I do?” Kyle looked over at his roommate with a wicked grim. The two freshman had had the full waterspouts experience since arriving at college. They had both pissed their pants and bed. They drank each other’s pee and openly pissed their jeans in class in front of everyone. They peed all over the carpet of their dorm room and even talked another guy into wetting his pants.
“What do you thing.” Troy replied.
“You ever do it before,” Kyle asked him.
“I love it. It’s even better than pissing.”
Kyle strained and both boys could suddenly smell shit. Troy placed his hand on the back of Kyle’s pants and felt his warm load growing. He kissed Kyle passionately as he started to squish the load in his pants. At the same time, Troy let loose. He hadn’t shit in 3 days and a huge load, bigger than grapefruit, pushed out into his boxer briefs. At the same time, he started pissing himself, feeling the warm pee pool soak into the carpet around his bare feet. The boys moved over to Kyle’s bed and laid down, feeling the wet sheets that they never bothered to clean up from the morning. They squished each other’s load and began humping each other through their PJ pants. After a few seconds, they both came, flooding their pants with cum.
“I don’t want to clean up,” Kyle said.
“Me neither,” Troy replied, feeling his own load squish beneath him.
Exhausted, both Troy and Kyle were soon asleep in each other’s arms.

Troy woke up with a bursting need to pee. Kyle was still in his arms. He was damp and poopy, but still warm. Without a second though, Troy began wetting the bed. The spreading warmth woke Kyle who began peeing as well. The deluge began to warm and soften both boys loads. They began squishing the now mushier loads in each others pants. Taking the plunge, Troy sunk his hands into Kyle’s pants, feeling warm, soft shit.
“I want to fuck you,” he whispered in Kyle’s ear.
Troy began spreading the shit around Kyle’s ass and up his back. He turned his roomy over on his stomach and pulled his PJ pants down. Kyle’s ass was covered in shit. Troy got rid of his own pants and lined up his hard, shaved cock. He buried it in Kyle’s shitty ass. He pumped away as he spread handfuls of their mutual shit over Kyle’s back and round to his chest. Troy spread the shit higher and higher up Kyle’s chest. When he met no resistance, he spread his shitty fingers across Kyle’s mouth. Kyle opened his mouth and began to suck on the shitty fingers. Troy, on the edge of summing, picked up a handful of shit in each hand. He brought his hand up to Kyle’s mouth. Without hesitating, Kyle opened up and began eating shit out of Troy’s hand. As he shot is load up Kyle’s ass, Troy took a huge mouthful of shit and began eating it.
As soon as Troy pulled out, Kyle flipped him over and buried his own shaved cock up Troy’s ass. They kissed, sharing the shit between them. As they swallowed the yummy load, they spread shit everywhere, up their backs, down their legs, even in their hair. Kyle shot a huge load up Troy’s ass in the most powerful orgasm of his life.
“Now what?” Troy asked as the two caught their breath.
“I still don’t want to get cleaned up,” Kyle replied with a smile, his normally white teeth stained brown. The boys instead headed out the their balcony letting the shit dry on their smooth bodies.

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