Aug 3, 2017

i was out down town doing some running around i felt the need to pee come on and i looked at my watch i fingerd i could hold it till i got home that would be about 1 hr so kept drinking my bottle of water as i finish up my stuff and then felt the need to pee to hit me harder just as my bus shows up i think ok i can make it home but as i am on the but i feel the need to pee get even stronger but still holding it then get up to get off the bus i feel a little come out but still holding it so now i am walking home i make it to the house get the gate open and then closed and start to take out my keys from my pants pocket as i start to head up the back steps to the door i look down as i put my key in the lock of the door feeling aa strong need to pee then i see my pants getting wet.

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