Attack and Counterattack

I changed and “improved” a story I found on experienceproject a while ago.

I work as a researcher at our local university. Last semester, I was working with 3 students on a small science project. Rene, Faisal and Ivan were all good workers and we all get along for the most part, but when after a while they cared more about party then about their work, I got a little mad. We got it sorted out quickly but the athmosphere was not as good as it was before.

That’s why I was surprized pleasantly when the 3 guys told me, they wanted to take me out to an mexican restaurant on friday after work to a little dinner and go to party at one of thei mates house with me. I did not even want to first, but they told me, they would not take no for a answer, so i finally agreed. “It could be fun”, I thought. So I was just waiting for friday to come. On tuesday I was headed to an early lunch, told Rene “See you in a few minutes” and walked out. When I got to the stairs, I recognized I had forgotten my coat and turned back to the office. When i got to the door i heard laughter and stopped to listen to what the boys were saying.

I heard Rene giggling “It’s called Super Clean-Out, garanteed to work in an hour… when he order’s his drink I will go to the bathroom, walk by the bar and put a triple dose in his drink. Mike from mataince at Ben’s building will stop our eleavator for one hour when we get to the party. We’ll call and he will say he’s doing everything he can but will keep us all in the elevator for one hour… got it all worked out.” I slowly walked back stepping and left. What should I do about this secret plan these boys had? They wanted me to shit myself? The’ll see!

I knew it. I called Alejandro who happened to work at the Mexican resturant. 5 Minutes later everything was clear.

On fiday before lunch, I took a fiber drink. That stuff always make me gassy. The guys should think they got me, so I needed to be gassy. After lunch we were all in good mood. The guys were surely looking forward to see their project supervisor loose control and shit himself. I knew better who the stars of the show would be. And boy would it be a show. All 3 guys were prepared for going out – and for guys in their 20s today this means they were wearing tight trousers. Rene was wearing khakis. He had gained a little over the last year. His khakis had not. 2 round cheeks were clearly showing. Ivan was the gym type of guy. His jeans showed his muscles quite well and Faisal always had a fat, chubby bubble butt and today he was wearing white jeans. To be honest, I always dreamed of seeing him in a desperate situation. If everything went right, today would be the day.

Fighday evening they took me to the mexican restaurant. Well all ordered our meals and drinks. When the drinks were prepared at the bar, Rene excused himself to the bathroom. I saw him stop at the bar. Surely he was spiking my drink. When Alejandro brought us the drinks he nodded at me. That was our sign. My drink has clean now. Their’s was not. It contained super clean out. 4 times the dose. So i was prepared for the show they were giving me. We all ate and drank and were having a good time, joking around. I started feeling gassy. The fiber was doing its work on me. My plan was to try to use the bathroom before we leave. I knew they would stop me because they wanted me to really crap myself, but this would prevent them from going to the bathroom either. Rene already looked like he was beginning to need to poop but Faisal and Ivan were doing fine i only had gas and farts. So I took it a little further and ordered desert.

After desert, Rene had an uneasy face. I waited until right before I thought he was going to dash for the bathroom to say “Let’s get going shall we”. We all went to pay up front. When Rene was paying I had a look at his cheeks. You could see he was nervous. “I’ll just visit the bathroom” I said. Faisal talked quick and said “Awww, we’ll be at Ben’s in 10 minutes. Come on we all don’t want to wait just for you”. “Yea ok” I quickly answered. I saw Rene look a little disconcerned as we headed out to the car. We all rode with Ivan. I could not help but let out a little fart “Oops” I said. They all laughed. They really all thought they had me.

We got to the building where their mate Ben lived and went to the elevator. Rene farted and I knew he had to go but I bet he didn’t know how bad right now. We walked past a maintence man and got on the elevator. Up we went. I said “Not a minute to soon. I really have to use the bathroom.” Rene smiled, but I knew soon it would be me smiling. Ivan was the next to fart pretty loudly. We all laughed and Faisal said about something like the burritos are working good on him, too. Suddenly the elevator stopped. “Oh no!”, Rene siad, “I hate this darn elevator”. He must have realized just now he was in trouble. Ivan called the party to tell every one we were on the way up and got stuck. I heard laughing on the other end. Meanwhile, Rene pressed the emergency button. A few moments later the phone rang.

“Yeah! …. okay…. well hurry up, we’re having an emergency here.” he told us the main brake is stuck and we’d have to wait for about 30 minutes. I was pretending to start getting real desperate and let out a few smelly farts. Even though I did not take any laxatives, the fiber and the burritos made me gassy big time and I could have used a bathroom myself. But I could clearly manage. Ivan was like “Are you allright?” “Yea I just have to go to the bathroom.” Rene now was holding his stomach. He did not look good. He was sweating and I could hear his stomach gurgling. Best of all, he was clenching his cheeks. It can’t take very long any more. A grade student Mr. Perfect was about to shit himself in front of his mates and me. He let out a loud fart that lasted 4 seconds. It ended with a bubbling sound. He turned bright red and held his tummy. Before anyone could say anything Ivan farted. He also did not look well. I grabbed my tummy and let out a good, smelly fart and said “Damn, I hope they hurry up. I really need to go.”

Faisal was the only one not farting but looking at him I could see he had to fart but was holding strong. I saw Rene putting his hand behind his back. I knew he was checking. He had a strain on his face and was about to panic. Ivan was the next to fart agian long and loud. He was holing his tummy and was in pain from holding things back. “I think i have food poising or something” “Me too” Rene said. Faisal did not say a word. The food, drinks and the fiber were making me sick, but I was loveing us all stuck in the elevator with 30 people waiting for the doors to open. Rene called maintence again. He was pleading, but I he was behind this plan so “ha ha” for him. Rene hung up the phone and was turning really red and almost shaking. Faisal came over and tried to confort him. Rene was dancing in his place then stopped like frozen, his eyes widend. “Oh god.” He farted. He farted with a wet, bubbling sound. Faisal leaned back to lok at Renes arse. “Did you just…?” .Rene’s face now was white and he was speechless.

Just as Ivan was on his way over, Rene farted again for 8 seconds and it was not really a fart this time. He turned around and put his hands on the wall, butt out and breathing heavyly. I would now really get to see that lump of poop in his tight khakis. flapap, flapap, flapap 3 big soft, mushy turds came out in his pants. A softball lump was forming in his pants. He was still farting and it was making a bubbling sound as diarrhea burst out. Then Ivan farted a big one had the same look as Rene had on his face. He tried to stop it by pressing his hand at his butt but is was no use. He turned red. flapp, apapl ,fartt. He had to turn and hold the wall up bending over. I saw a brown spot spreading and running down his leg. He was shitting himself with really liuid poop. The brown stain was spreading more and more in his tight jeans. The stench of 2 students having diarrhea in their jeans was awful but they so much deserved it.

I went over to Faisal who still had not farted yet. I could hear his stomach gurgling and he really looked bloated. I let another of the fiber farts. “Oh man, what can it be?”. Suddenly elevator started moving again. “Please no!” Rene pleaded. “Let’s not go to the party. Let’s leave the elevator here and go to my house to clean up.”. “Good idea” Ivan said. I stopped the elevator at the next floor and we all went out. Luckyly there was nobody outside. “Don’t you guys want to say something?” “What do you mean?” Rene answered, still holding his stomach. “Wait, did you?…. Why?” “What do you think, hmm?” Before anyone could answer, Faisal groaned. “Guys let’s get downstairs and I’ll have a shit in the bushes.” We reentered the elevator and when Faisal was not looking, I gave Rene signs. There was no way faisal could get out of this without any damage. The chubby arab lad could harldy even move without shitting himself. “Whatever you gave us, it is strong” Rene said, farting and pushing more diarrhea into his pants. When the door opened, Faisal went out first trying to run. He should not have done that. After 2 big steps he exploded in a combination of farts and sharts. His fat butt was now covered in mushy shit. blrrrt-blub-blub. A 5 second fart exploded into his already filled jeans. Rene was having a hardon. He tried to hide it, but is was clearly visible. Oh wow! A day I will not forget too soon.

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