At work

So I work at a restaurant/arcade and during weekdays we get pretty slow. So slow in fact that the closing shift (hours 17:00-01:00 on a Tuesday) is one where I have to work alone. Now to keep my energy levels up I brought a Monster BFC with me and surprisingly I went through it pretty fast. It wasn’t long before I started feeling like I had to piss. This was around 19:00.


Now since I’m the only one working it makes it difficult to get a break since it causes the whole building to shift around. So I thought I’d test my endurance and see how far I could go. (err…not go….)

I was actually doing pretty good by 21:00 so I took it another step and started drinking water to heighten the sensation. I started having to piss really bad and started getting really antsy about it. I started pacing back and forth near my work station trying to do anything to keep my mind off of it. I even started dripping out. Fuck I couldn’t take it anymore by 23:20. I was so glad that I work behind a counter so people couldn’t see the small circular stains I was making on my pants as I kept pinching the end to stem the flow. I just kept holding it back and when we finally closed I ran a b-line to the restroom where I intentionally left the door unlocked and pissed the best piss I’ve probably ever had. It was so relieving and I finished the nigh by wacking off. (Mind you with the door unlocked)


Be back soon with another story…

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