At the Urinal

One time, I was at lunch. My friend said he had to pee, and I did too, so we both went into the bathroom. There are only 2 urinals and no divider, so I used it as a place to spot pissing dicks. My friend undid his zipper and flopped out his dick and balls, hair and all. It was hot. I could barely pee with my growing boner and eventually just put it away. But I did not walk away from the urinal. I just stood there and watched in awe at my pissing friend. After he finished, before he put his junk away, he looked up and asked “Dude, why are you staring at my dick?” I retorted, “Why are you flopping everything out? It caught my eye.” He replied “You got to let the boys air out, ya know?” We left the bathroom, but I was one hot memory richer.

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