At the Movies

Well, this last Thursday I had the day off so I decided to have a little fun. So I went to go see a movie all diapered up (Inside Out) during the day so there wouldn’t be a lot of people. So I put on a good sized diaper and went to the movie. Half way through I had my fill of popcorn and soda so I went in my diaper right there in the theater. It was great because I got to sit there all warm and messy as I watched a great movie in a theater with only kids and their parents. The best part happened when I left and heard a mother behind me get on to her son for going in his pants and I knew that she was actually smelling me :)

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  1. If I went to the movie with you I would have blown you and let you pee down my throat lol. Love the story buddy ..

  2. First time I pooped my panties was at the movies with my mother.We both pooped as we did not want to miss any of the film by going to the toilet.We just sat still and filled our panties.I felt so embarrassed but I knew that I liked the feeling.

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