💩 At The Mall 💩

This is a relatively short story — of how I filled my jeans at the mall.

I had just bought these jeans and changed in the bathroom. After changing I visited a panda express, and ate quite a bit more than I should’ve.

About an hour later my stomach began to gurgle audible and I felt a bit off. I let out a soft but bubbling fart and continued walking through the mall. My stomach did a flip, and I stopped — pushing out another fart. I felt pressure in my lower abdomen and rubbed my stomach hoping to help with the pain.

I took a few more steps, seemingly farting with everything single one. I grasped my butt with a firm hand and started to make my way to the bathrooms but a sharp pain stopped me. I set my bags on a chair (in the food court) and pretended to look at my phone. My stomach bubbled, and I felt a large soft poop begin to flow out of me. It was quite thick, and flowers out slowly as my cheeks burned red. I could hear the faint crackling as my jeans tented out.

I was considerably embarrassed, as I stood dead center of the mall filling my brand new jeans with a smelly poop. I decided to make my way home from there, unfortunately having to ride public transportation with a large bulge in the back of my jeans.

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  1. You’re so daring! When you rode the public transportation home, were you sitting in the load, and did anyone know or smell you?

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