At the library

Scott had the day all planned out, after eating breakfast, showering, and dressing; he was going to be out all day running errands.  Since he had so much to do, he decided it would be best to wear a diaper.  This way he would not have to stop his errands and make a bathroom stop; just drop a load in his diaper and keep walking.  Besides, he liked the feeling of walking around with a load in his pants.  

If he got hungry along the way, he would stop at a drive thru or a deli counter where he could get a quick carry out bite and be on his way again.  He thought about where he needed to go, and his list kept growing in his head, until it reached the point where he decided to write it.  The list had over a dozen stops listed on it, from the bank, to the cleaners, to the Eye Doctor for his annual eye exam, and many stops in between.  If all worked out, and he had enough time he planned on stopping by the library and picking up a couple of books he wanted to read.  Scott enjoyed reading.  Usually he read books on his tablet, but every now and then he enjoyed the tactical feel of holding and reading a book.  This meant it was going to be a long day, and not very much time to dawdle about.

After finishing most of his errands, Scott looked at his watch and realized how late it was.  No wonder his stomach was growling!  He saw there was a deli café up the street and decided to get a sandwich to go.  He got his sandwich and sat in the nearby park to eat it.  Eating the sandwich quickly, he noticed there was an odd after taste to it when he finished chewing and swallowing it.  Thinking nothing about it, he thought it was probably because he was eating so quickly.

 With the sandwich eaten, it was time to finish what remained on his errand list.  Scott ducked in and out of the various shops that he needed to, and then realized he still had some time left to go to the library.  As he was nearing the library, Scott felt a bit bloated and got a sharp pain in the stomach.  Not worrying about it, Scott gave a little push, if he messed his diaper, so be it. There were very few people on the street, and no one would notice if he did.   However all he released was some gas.  This relieved the pain, but his stomach was making noises. 

The library was an old big building with great architectural features.  It had a large staircase and a double line of columns at the top of the stairs.  It always reminded Scott of a Greek temple.  Scott ascended the stairs and the pain in his gut came back.  It was more acute than before.  At the top of the stairs, he gave another push, and released gas again nothing more.  He walked around the outside of the building looking at the building’s details, and hoped the noises in his stomach would stop, and he would shit. He really did not want to be inside the library and have his bowels let loose.  It was too quiet in there, and everyone looks up whenever the slightest sound is made.  The noises in his gut stopped, so he entered the library.  He walked through the main vestibule to one of the large side reading rooms that had the types of books he enjoyed reading.          

He scanned the various shelves in the reading room for a while, looking for just the right books to get.  He found one, but wanted to get another book, since he knew he would have the first one read in no time at all.  Scott’s bowels and bladder had started aching again, even more than before he stepped into the library.  He knew things were getting quite desperate.  He tried fidgeting in hopes his bladder would expand.  He also stopped clinching his ass muscles a little, so some gas could escape, which it did.  This was only temporary relief though.  Feeling poop crowning, Scott really cinched his ass cheeks as hard as possible, and forced the poop back up into is rectum.  However, Scott could not hold it anymore.  No matter how much he clinched his ass muscles together his poop wanted out.  There was more pressure being exerted to force everything out than he the pressure he was exerting to keep everything in.   His bladder was now so full, that when he pressed on his stomach, he felt the hardness of it, and his back began to ache.  Scott knew he had better not let go in the library, there were a lot people around, and it was very quiet in there.  It would have been too obvious as to what was happening and to whom.  He set the book down on a shelf, and very quickly for the exit.  He felt that as long as he made it outside, it would not matter if he let go, because the noise outside would most likely mask the noises his body was going to make when he began to poop his diaper.  This is what he had been waiting for all day, and was looking forward to it happening and walking around with a big load in his diaper.    

A security guard had seen Scott put the book on the shelf and quickly leave.  Concerned that something was wrong, he followed Scott and caught up with him in the main vestibule.  He stopped Scott and asked him if everything was alright. Scott quickly scanned the guard and surmised that he was an older mature man.    Nervously, Scott said everything was OK.  However, the guard did not believe him, and blocked Scott from exiting the library.  Scott tried to assure the guard everything was alright.  The guard asked Scott why he was leaving the library so abruptly.  Scott tried to tell the guard that he just decided to leave the library, without letting the guard know that he was desperate and wanted to mess his diaper.  However his voice was unsteady and since Scott was so desperate, he gave the guard the appearance that something was really wrong.  Scott was so nervous now and in such agony that there was no way for him to keep from evacuating himself.  He grabbed his gut and doubled over in pain.  The quiet din of the vestibule was broken by the loud sound of repeating flatulence.  Then the distinctive sound of poop being expelled and hitting a surface other than water in a toilet bowl. Scott could not stop filling his diaper.  He began to piss soon after he started pooping. The vestibule was now echoing with the hollow sound of piss filling something. 

The guard sniffed the air, and knew what was happening.  He looked at Scott’s crotch and noticed it was not wet, however, he knew very well that Scott had just shit and pissed himself.  The odor was lingering and not dissipating if it were only gas.  Scott was embarrassed, because this had not gone as he planned.  He did not intend to mess himself in front of a stranger.  By now Scott had regained some amount of control over his bladder and bowels, and pinched off the piss and shit with his muscles.  The guard told Scott to come with him. He took Scott by the arm and led him out of the vestibule.  Scott did not want to go with him, but had no choice, and did not want to make any more of a scene than what was already happening.  The guard had a good grip on his arm.  Scott tried to protest and break free from his grip.  He thought to himself that this guy has a good grip and is strong considering he is an older guy.  The guard told Scott he would get to the bottom of this.  He led Scott up a staircase located down a hall and behind a door that led to an apartment on the second floor.  The guard unlocked the door and steered Scott through the door.  Scott was very hesitant, but the guard said it was alright, he lived there.  The guard closed the door behind them and said to Scott ‘by the way, my name is Terry’.  Terry took off his hat and jacket and tossed them on a chair near the door.  For the first time Scott could see that Terry was not an older guy, he was young.  Standing in his tee shirt and uniform pants, Scott now understood why Terry’s grip was so good.  He had a great build with a six pack chest. 

Terry asked Scott if he had finished filling his diaper.  Scott gave Terry a puzzled quizzical look and asked how he knew he was wearing a diaper.  Terry just said that he knew.  Again Terry asked Scott if he had completely finished empting himself.  Scott quickly said yes.  Terry said ‘really?  Are you sure?’  Scott quietly said no, and he needed to go more.  Terry smiled and told Scott to let it go in his pants.  His stomach would feel a lot better if he emptied himself.  Scott noticed that Terry was rubbing his own crotch and smiling.
Scott turned his back to Terry and proceeded to fill his diaper again.  Terry watched as the back of Scott’s pants bulged and then were pushed down by the force of him filling his diaper.  Scott dropped multiple logs into his diaper.  Each one mashed into the other.  He knew his diaper was ready to overflow, but could not and did not want to stop.   When he did finish pissing and pooping, he turned around to see that Terry still standing there watching him, however he had removed his tee shirt and dropped his pants to the floor.  He had one hand wrapped around his diapered cock and the thumb of his other hand was in his mouth.  Scott was speechless.  He stepped in front of Terry and just stood there.  Terry took his thumb out of his mouth and asked Scott if he felt better.  Scott replied that he felt much better.  Terry unfastened Scott’s pants and let them drop to the floor.  With one hand Terry started rubbing Scott’s cock through his soaked diaper.  With his other hand he squeezed the back of Scott’s diaper, massaging the poop and rubbing it into Scott’s ass.  Warm poop oozed itself up his ass to the very top of his diaper, and encircled his cock and balls.  Scott’s cock sprang up and was rock hard.  Scott put one of his hands down the front of Terry’s diaper and began rubbing Terry’s rock hard cock.  Scott’s hand began to get wet as Terry began pissing while Scott was rubbing his cock.  Scott pulled the front of Terry’s diaper down and pointed Terry’s hard cock up so that he was pissing on his chest and it was flowing back into his diaper.  Terry let out a couple of quiet grunts and farted.  Another grunt and crackling was heard as he shit his diaper.  Scott carefully put Terry’s still hard cock back into his diaper.  They pressed their chests tightly against each other and let their cocks rub hard through their wet diapers, while grabbing each other’s ass and mashing poop into their asses.  They continued to massage each other’s ass so hard that the inside lining of their diapers began disintegrating and the diaper fill was mixing with their poop.  They both knew they had better stop before the diapers completely fell apart and made a mess on their pants and floor. 

It was obvious to both of them that this was not going to be the end of their playing.  They were both still rock hard and wanted more.  They removed their pants and Scott also removed his shirt.  Terry motioned for Scott to follow him.  Scott did so willingly this time.  It was a quick stop to the kitchen where they both drank a 2 liter bottle of water each before heading to the bathroom.  They stepped into the shower, and removed their soiled diapers before turning the water on.  After getting wet, Terry leaned Scott against the wall of the shower and soaped him up head to foot.  He then took the hand held shower and adjusted the spray to a moderate stream.  Gently he separated Scott’s ass cheeks and sprayed warm water up his ass.  When he could not take in any more water, Scott clinched his ass cheeks together and held the warm water for a few moments before releasing a torrid of brown water.  Terry did this a couple of times until the water released from Scott’s ass was clear and clean.  Scott and Terry switched positions and Scott then did the same for Terry. 

Terry stepped out of the shower first, and handed Scott a soft plush towel to dry off with.  While they were drying off, Scott left the bathroom for a moment and returned with 2 fresh diapers and another 2 liter bottle of water for each of them.  Scott took the diaper and water.  He was barely able to finish the first bottle they had in the kitchen, but took it just the same.  Terry seemed to be able to down the second 2 liter bottle as quickly has he downed the first.               

They both knew it was only going to be a short time before they would have to piss again. They put their clean diapers on and made all the necessary adjustments to them before Terry led Scott to the bedroom.  Terry told Scott to make himself comfortable and Terry said he would be right back.  Scott wondered what Terry was going to do now.  Scott pulled the covers back from the bed and found the bed was made with the softest plastic sheets he had ever felt.  If he did not know better, he would have thought they were made of cotton, but he knew they were not.     
Terry stepped into the doorway wearing a yellow terrycloth onesie that had lambs all over them.  Scott studied him as he stood there.  Never had Scott seen anyone look so sexy in a onesie.  It was so small on him, that it barely fit.  It had very short legs that did not completely cover the bottom his diaper and very short arms that allowed his bulging muscles to be seen.  It snapped from the neck to the crotch, but it was unsnapped down to the top of his diaper exposing his rippled chest.  Scott thought even if he wanted to snap it up, he probably could not.  All Scott could say to Terry was ‘come to daddy!’ 

Terry climbed into bed with Scott and began playing with Scott’s nips.  Immediately both his nips and cock were hard.  Scott did the same for Terry hoping for the same reaction, and to his delight, the same happened.  This went on for a few minutes, before Scott turned Terry onto his back, and sat on him straddling his groin area.  Scott rubbed Terry’s chest and pulled on his nips.  Scott’s weight on Terry’s groin was too much for him to handle all at once.  Scott felt the warmth of Terry’s piss through his diaper on his ass.  Terry did not piss a lot, just enough to wet his diaper some.  Scott asked ‘did my little boy pee pee his diaper?’  With a sad look on his face, Terry nodded and said yes.   Scott sat up and positioned himself lower on Terry’s groin.  Slowly, Scott began unsnapping the snaps on Terry’s onesie.  Terry moaned in pleasure as each snap popped open exposing more and more of his diaper.  All that were left were the snaps in the crotch.  Scott reached down Terry’s crotch and gave it a few good rubs before pulling on the center of the onesie and causing the crotch snaps to pop open.  Scott reached up and removed the onesie from Terry’s shoulders.  Once Terry was free of the onesie, Scott tossed it to the floor.  With the onesie gone, Terry was like a different person. 

He pushed Scott over onto his back and was straddling him now.  With a devilish look Terry said ‘this little boy is all grown up now, and wants to play like a real man!’  With that, he started grinding on Scott.  Now it was Scott’s turn to have to piss.  However, Scott’s diaper had slid down some, and his hard cock was sticking out the top of his diaper.  As he began to piss, he was getting Terry’s stomach and the top of his diaper wet.  When Scott realized what was happening, he tried to clench his muscles to stop, but it took a few seconds to completely stop the flow.  Terry stopped grinding on Scott and sat up.  He got off Scott and with one of his powerful arms, flipped Scott over onto his stomach.  He straddled Scott again and began to grind his diapered ass.  After a few moments of doing this, Terry sat back up and grabbed Scott’s diaper and tore it open lengthwise, exposing Scott’s entire ass crack.  He reached under Scott with both hands and completely ripped his diaper in half, a left half and a right half.  Terry buried his face into Scott’s ass.  He dug his tongue deeply into Scott’s manhole probing every inch as deeply as possible.  Scott was almost ready to explode and shoot his load, but knew he was unable to do so, because he was now desperate to piss.  He knew he could not piss in his diaper anymore, because it was torn in half, and his cock and balls were being pushed into the mattress.  When Terry finished exploring Scott’s ass with his face and tongue, he flipped him over again. 

That was all it took, Scott began what seemed like an endless piss flow!  With his diaper torn in half, his cock was free to piss anywhere it wanted.  Terry took Scott’s cock in his hand, and pointed it up to his face.  Scott’s piss flow was so strong, that all Terry had to do was open his mouth to take in as much piss as Scott let out.  Piss ran down Terry’s face and chest.  When Scott finished pissing, Terry was soaking with piss.  His diaper was also soaked from Scott’s piss, and there was a piss puddle on the sheet.
Scott pushed Terry back onto his back.  He reached up and clutched the top of Terry’s diaper and while pulling himself up, pulled Terry’s diaper until the tape tabs were no longer able to take the strain and ripped off.  Terry’s hard cock sprang from its confinement.  Scott took every inch of Terry’s hard cock in his mouth and began to suck.  Terry let go with his own torrent of piss.  Scott swallowed as much as he could before taking Terry’s cock out of his mouth and soaking himself with the remainder of Scott’s piss.          

Scott wanted to fuck Terry, but he knew he was already on the verge of cumming, and knew that neither Terry nor he would have enough time to enjoy it before he would shoot his load.  At the same moment, they grabbed one another’s cock and started jacking the other off.  They were both so hot and hard, that within seconds they shot their wads.  They both came with massive amounts of cum.  Even though they were both exhausted after they came, neither of them wanted to end a good thing.  They repositioned themselves so they were head to cock to each other and sucked each other dry and licked any spilled cum that was left on their cock and balls. 

They were both totally exhausted now and fell asleep where they were.  Scott woke up sometime later and realized it was now dark outside.  He gently got out of the bed so as not to disturb Terry.  He went into the bathroom to piss once again and cleanup a little.  After doing this he went to the other room where he dropped his clothing.  He looked around the room for a pencil and paper because he wanted to leave Terry a note about how much fun he had.  However, he could not find any.  Disappointed, he went to where his clothing was.  He saw that his pants and shirt were neatly folded and there was a fresh diaper lying on top of everything.  He did not know when Terry did this, but thought it was a nice of him.  He quickly got dressed.  Just before he turned to open the door and leave, Scott emerged from the bedroom still naked.  He said to Scott ‘You better not leave through that door!  Scott asked him why not?   ‘It will only take you down to the library, and if you enter the library now, the alarm will go off!’  Scott said.  Scott released the door knob.  Terry stepped over to Scott and gave him a kiss, and then said ‘I hope you will return to the library soon!’  Then he pointed to another door in the kitchen he said ‘This door is safe for you to leave by.  You may use this door whenever you want, it is never locked.’  Scott gave Terry a kiss, smiled and left.   

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