At the fair

After my most enjoyable first pants pooping in the car I decided I wanted to go one stage further and do it in a more public environment. There is an Arts and Crafts fair every second Sunday morning not far from where I live and I decided on this as my location.
I got up as 8 am and had intended to take some liquid stool softener but I knew that it wouldn’t be needed this time as I was having trouble holding in the poop that I had held for 3 days. I did have a cup of coffee which just made the need to poo more urgent.
I was a bit worried that my underpants may not hold my poop and that it may run down my legs and over my shoes in public so the day before I had bought a pair of ladies tights (pantyhose)and cut them off at the leg. An idea I got from reading the fantastic blog of Kattannauk.
I put the tights on over my underpants and rolled up the legs a couple of turns as they made an excellent seal around my thighs. A pair of jeans over them and I was set.. I put on a knee length coat ( It is winter here ), picked up an extra towel and a bottle of water and set off in the car.
Parking a short walk from the fair I put some plastic sheeting and another towel on the seat and walked over to the stalls. With every step I could feel my poop wanting to break free and I was getting quite desperate. The first stall I came to sold handmade jewellery and I stopped to have a look at the wares where a nice lady of about 30 started to show me and tell me what the various items were.
I very slowly relaxed my anus and felt a soft warm lump move out into my pants. Here I was pooping my pants as I spoke to this lady. I relaxed again and a much larger soft poo slid out and I could feel it spread over my bum because the tights were so tight. It was hot and soft and filled my crack and just started to make its way towards my balls.
I decided That I couldn’t wait any longer and totally relaxed my hole and gave a gentle push. Three days worth of poop poured out into my pants and I could feel it spread up the back and also under me to coat my balls. I made my excuses and left the lady to return to the car. Walking back the 100 yards or so was pure joy as my load was moving around and I could feel that it was starting to run down my legs. The rolled up tights did their job and nothing escaped.
I set off for a Country Park 5 miles away as I had spied it out the previous week and had a huge car park As I drove I made sure to move around on the seat moving my warm poop around and I felt it come over my cock. Bliss!
When I arrived at the car park there were only a few cars there and I parked on the opposite end of the car park which was deserted and had thick bush and trees on two sides. I unfastened my belt and opened my jeans and pulled the top of the tights and my underpants open. I loved the smell that came from within them. I pushed my hand into the poopy mess and took hold of my, by now hard and very brown cock.
Making sure that I was still alone I started to masturbate. Stroking hard and fast ( I admit i was a bit nervous at this point) until I came making sure that I caught my cum in my left hand and that it didn’t go in the car. I tucked my cock back into the poop in my pants and zipped up.
Another quick look around and I opened the car door, held my poo covered right hand out and poured the bottle of water over it cleaning it as much as I could. A quick dry with the spare towel and I was off home to clean up.
On getting home I took off my coat and there was a really big bulge in the back of my pants and they were very stained too, but no leakage. I really do recommend the cut off tights to stop leaks.

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  1. Great story and well written.That should give any new poopers some ideas for the future and help others try new ideas and locations.Go for it guys and you will love the results.

  2. I have pooped my pants at a fair before .outdoors no one really notices but it feels great just to walk around messy for the day

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