At the cinema.

It was a fairly dark and rainy Monday night. There wasn’t much on TV, or many places worth visiting in town. I was scratching around for something to do, and in the end I decided on a visit to the cinema. Even if I didn’t like the film, I was sure that I’d be able to keep myself entertained.

I prepared for the evening by having a long slow drink of mineral water. I got dressed and decided on wearing a shirt, my blue jeans and some white cotton boxer shorts. I had my long overcoat on as well, in a vain attempt to keep some of the weather out.

I arrived at the cinema about an hour later, bought my ticket, obligatory popcorn, and ridiculously over-sized cup of cola, and looked for a seat. I’d picked a dodgy seventies science fiction flick, and hence the theatre was almost deserted, so I sat in the middle of the back row, a good few metres away from anyone else.

The usual adverts and trailers rolled by, and I pulled off my overcoat and put it on the seat beside me. I tried to get as comfortable as possible, although already I could feel that mineral water trying to get out. I downed the cola as quickly as possible, with a view to leaving most of it behind when I left later on.

One of my mottoes is ‘There’s no time like the present’, and the familiar rush of excitement went through me as I felt my piss very very slowly start it’s journey. The instant I felt it in my shorts and starting to run between my legs, I cut off the flow, relishing the first feelings. I waited another fifteen minutes before letting it go again.

By this time I really did need to go, and stopping the flow, having released it,  was no longer an option. My piss filled my shorts and quickly soaked into my jeans. I could feel it collecting in the seat between my legs. The film was fairly loud, but I was sure that someone would be able to hear the hiss as my piss hit the cotton of my shorts. Fortunately no-one looked around to see, so I was spared that worry. After a few more seconds, the flow slowed down, and dribbled to a stop. The pudle of pee I was sitting in had crept to the edge of the seat and was dripping over the edge onto the floor.

In the halflight from the cinema screen, I looked down at my jeans. There was a big dark stain around my crotch, which extended down the insides of my thighs to my knees. I felt around my back, and the wetness therehad soaked up to the belt of my jeans. It was a fantastic feeling, knowing that there I was, sitting in the cinema, completely soaked in my own piss.

Just for good measure, I got up and moved one seat to my left. I glanced down at the seat I’d been using and saw a semi-circular dark stain on the fabric. I swung it back to the vertical position and relaxed with a sigh. It was time to see the rest of the film.

After what seemed like an age, the film credits started to scroll their way up the screen. My plan with the cola appeared to have worked, as I needed to go again. My jeans and shorts by this time were cold and clammy, and definitely needed warming up again. I didn’t really have time to let it go slowly, as by now people were beginning to leave, and I didn’t want to be the last person left.

I let my muscles go, and gave my piss a little helping push on it’s way out. The hissing noise came back, and coupled with the warmth flooding through my shorts gave me a fantastic feeling. I stopped it before it ran out though, as I wanted to save some for the journey home.

I stood up and pulled on my overcoat, and fastened it. I could feel piss trickling down my legs and into my trainers as I walked out of the theatre. Nobody looked at me on my way out, although they wouldn’t have been able to see much anyway, as my coat covered me down to my ankles.

As I walked home, I stopped every so often to let a fresh burst of piss into my shorts. Now I was standing up, it dripped straight down whichever leg happened to be nearest. After a short time, the fronts of my jeans were as wet as the backs.

Soon I got home in my saoked jeans and shorts. I took off my overcoat, and headed for the kitchen to get another one of those large mineral waters.

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  1. I thought for sure you would be loading those white cotton boxer shorts with a load of steamy turds

  2. by the time i got to the end of this story i piss in my tight levis!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dam the first burst of hot piss is so deliciously wonderful

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