At long last…

It’s been a long time since either me or my wife has enjoyed a real scat party. Two weekends ago, things changed. I was invited to a “special” party with guys who normally are into watersports. It turns out they wanted to try a scat party. I was the only one there with any experience along these lines. I suggested starting with dirty ass fucking. Most were willing to try either giving or receiving; one guy chickened out and stayed in his room.

There were two of us who had enough urgency to poop. When I dropped a solid one on the floor, several guys wanted to try eating it. I recommended they wait; as sexy as it sounds, eating a turd can be a bit difficult for the uninitiated. I said it wasn’t going anywhere and we could feast later if we wanted to. So me and the other shitter got on all fours and waited for volunteers to fuck us. The first guys sadly came rather quickly. But that was okay. They had really nice browned cocks! The two of us then proceeded to clean the cummy, shitty cocks via blowjobs until they were sparkling clean. After that more guys fucked us and we repeated the cleanup. These guys wanted to get in on the act and soon five or six of us were mastering the art of cock cleaning.

The party continued for close to two hours, interrupted occasionally by golden nectar drinking. When the party was drawing to a close, I asked if anyone wanted to try actual shit log eating. I started by grabbing the hardest turd from the other guy. I took it in my hand and bit off a chunk, almost immediately swallowing it; no gagging. Other guys weren’t quite so fortunate. They found it easy to hold a savor while in the mouth, but swallowing was a different matter. Poppers did help. When the party was over we cleaned up and those of us who didn’t live in the apartment got in our cars and went home.

My wife said she could smell me from a mile away. When we kissed, I accidentally burped and the ecstatic look on wifey’s face was memorable.

I’m sure at least some of us will want a rematch and I’m hoping they’ll let Robin come, even though she’s not a guy.

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