I went back to the same mall I loaded my pants in last week. I am determined to continue this rant for as long as I want. My fetish is having large bowel movements in my pants in front of pretty girls . I have not gone #2 in 4 days and I feel slight urges to do it. It took about 45 minutes to get there and I wanted to case the place to find the best and prettiest girl to do my #2 in front of. I have this “thing” about being changed by a pretty girl. If her hands are soft and she has pretty complexion on her face I really want that girl to change me. She would be a big sister or a babysitter or my favorite person…A MOMMY. The imagination of getting changed by a girl in her 20’s or 30’s just makes me so excited. I got to do the poopy first though so I found this really pretty girl window shopping and so I followed her. She stopped..I stopped. Then she stopped to talk on her cellphone and I waited for her to finish. Then another pretty girl came over to her and it was now going to be a double whammy. Two pretty mommy girls to change my pants. Eeew here it comes…It’s coming out. I’m pushing hard and staring at both of them making grunt sounds and the crackle and pop sounds loud enough for the second girl to notice and say to the other girl….”I think that guy just shit his pants!” I was probably ten feet from them so my smells made it to them too. I am so excited I have a big load in my pants in front of two pretty mommy girls. Which one is going to be my mommy and change my messy pants? I wanted to get even closer and suck my thumb to be a real baby. I wasn’t wearing diapers . Just underpants and there was a significant hang down bulge…tent out. It had crept up around my privates and legs. It would be difficult to walk right. So leaving the mall I would get comments from other people on how I shit in my pants…I must be a retard. Eeew look at that guy…bet he stinks! I was so pleased that two pretty mommy girls saw me poop my pants on purpose. The only thing missing was them changing my pants!

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  1. Pooping feels so much better when you can do i tin your underpants and feel it spread all over your ass.I love to fill my panties when I go shopping too and I try not to be noticed

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