Assignment in the Forest

This is a true story. Only the names and places have been changed! It’s the third in the series about “David” and “Paul”. The previous two episodes were written by “David”. This one was written up by “Paul”.

David and Paul had arranged to meet up one night. They both shared a common
interest in wetting their pants, and wanted to do it in the presence of
someone else. And so, one night they met up, with the intention of getting

David knew a secluded wood not too far away, so it seemed the logical place
to go. By now, it was dark and it had begun to rain slightly. This only
seemed to add to the sense of adventure. Having reached the wood, they were
both getting quite desperate to let it go, but they held off until they
were quite a distance into the wood. They reached a small clearing, and
stood there for a moment. It was Paul’s turn first. He had already developed
a hard-on, so although he needed to go badly, it was quite difficult. He
squeezed a little out, but it was barely visible on the dark material of
his jeans. To show it a little better, he unzipped his jeans, showing off
the small wet patch on his pants. After a lot of effort, while David
watched, he squeezed some more out, enlarging the wet spot on his pants,
making the cotton glisten in the torch light.

It was now David’s turn. He undid his jeans, and after a few seconds began
to let his piss flood through his pants. The cotton was immediately soaked,
as his piss ran down inside, collecting briefly between his legs before
splashing down into his jeans. It lasted a few seconds, before slowing down
to a dribble.

Their objectives having been met, they went back to the David’s car to drive
back to town. Unknown to David, Paul still needed to go, and let some more
go in the car, feeling the warmth flooding through his crotch. He didn’t
mention it, but David must have suspected that something happened there. They
parted company, each with a soaking crotch and the firm knowledge that it
would happen again sometime soon.

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