Asking a friend for a big favour

So I have this friend named Carlos. He is average built, hipster kinda guy, with cute hazel eyes, brown almost yellow beard and mustache.
Now, although we’re really good friends and generally fart around each other and discuss our pooping habits, we still keep the pooping part private; specially since Carlos has a big problem with smells and he argues a lot that he has a sensitive nose. He’s straight, by the way.
Carlos and I used to have a video content creation business together. It wasn’t a big business but it payed the bills and we mostly had blogger clients.
So this one time, we’re making a video at a beauty blogger’s flat. The place is really small, almost like a loft, where the bedroom is connected to the living room and such. So you would imagine the bathroom options were limited.
And suddenly I begin to feel really bad cramps and know that I have to poop immediately. Now, I kinda have an issue with pooping at girls houses or generally letting a girl know I have to poop, so the bathroom situation in that flat really represented a problem for me.
I start looking at my options while quietly farting at a corner: for one, I could simply use the bathroom in the living room, but, I’m sure it’s gonna be a loud one and it’ll probably take longer than a piss, which basically meant our blogger client would figure everything out. On the other hand I could take my chances outside. Go look for a mall or a Starbucks or something, but I’m pretty sure there aren’t any nearby.
So I device a plan, but it’s a bold one and it would requiere Carlos full commitement, and I’m not sure he’d be willing or even if I have the nerve to acomplish it in his presence. As I said, we’re pretty good friends but not poop buddies of any kind. But I have to try before things get worse and I end up pooping in my pants
I approached Carlos and whisper to his ear “Hey man, I have a problem and really need your help” and he almost yells “what’s up?!”. So I pull him aside and again whisper: “Listen dude, I really really have to poop but I’m too embarrassed to do it here”.
“Just go, I don’t think she cares”, says he.
“I care! And I’m really having a heck of a time here”.
“Ok, what do you need me to do”, he finally whispers understanding the situation we’re in.
“Ok, so I’ve been thinking. She doesn’t know a lot about cameras. What if we told her there’s a thing with ours and we need to take a closer look at it, but we must have as little light as possible, and since there’s a big window lighting everything up, we have to lock ourselves in the bathroom to make it work. This way she will not suspect what’s really happening in there and you can talk aloud as if we’re working through the issue to cover up my pooping noises”.
I lay down my plan for him and then just stare at him. Carlos growls quietly.
“You want me to join you in the bathroom while you take a huge dump?”
“Look dude, I don’t like it either. It’s also embarrassing for me, ok?”
“Yeah embarrassing but I’d have to breath through whatever you had for breakfast”.
“Dude, I’m really cramping here” I say, holding my stomach.
He takes a quick glimpse at the bathroom just a few steps to our right.
“Dude, I could vomit, and then what?” asks Carlos.
“Breath through your mouth Carlos, it’s what a would friend would do!”

I finally beat him. He looks at me frustrated and agrees. “But if I puke, you’re cleaning up”.
Of course I’m excited. Though it is a true emergency, I have always fantasized of having a close friend watching me poop. But I’m also a bit nervous, and I’m scared I could have a visible boner which would make Carlos very uncomfortable.

He explains the situation to our client, the fake situation, and we go into the bathroom.
The place is really small. Basically there’s just enough space for me to sit on the toilet and for him to stand directly in front of me, wedged between the sink and the door.
We enter and both just stare at the place not knowing what should come next, until he says, “Well? Weren’t you on a hurry?” To which I reply “I am, but I’m also getting stage fright!”
I losen my pants and drop trou. He has never seen me naked, so when I drop my undies I make sure to hide my semi erect dick so he can’t see it. Anyway, Carlos’s doing as much as he can to avoid looking at me.
I sit down on the toilet and realize I have his bulge directly in front of me. I start feeling turned on but also nervous as hell. Am I really doing this? Am I really letting my friend see this side of me, and smell this side of me?
“Could you make some noise?” I ask. At the end of the day that was really the purpose of him being there.
He dares to look me in the eyes, just for a moment and whispers, “What do you want me to say?”
“I don’t know! Something about the camera, as if we’re testing it”.
“Are you going?” he asks, with worry in his eyes.
“Not yet, I’m waiting for you to make some noise. Don’t pressure me, I already feel dreadful”.
He lifts his face and loudly starts asking technical questions about the camera.
I concentrate on his voice, looking at the floor, looking at his shoes and I start pushing. A fart comes out. It’s not super loud, but still Carlos goes “Jesus, dude, you’re really going for a loud dump”.
But before he can finish putting me down, I let loose and a stream of squishy soft shit starts oozing from my ass. I just look at him petrified, worrying he’ll loose it and puke all over me, but although the stench is terrible, he just pulls the collar of his sweater over his mouth and nose and resumes character talking loudly about camera issued so I can keep going safely.
He even surprises me when he puts a hand one my shoulder and comforts me quietly, “Let it all out, dude. Sounds like you ate something nasty”.
I feel my dick pounds as soon as he puts his hand on my shoulder and I’m at full mast, worrying I could unporpusely come and he would obviously notice.
“Are you ok?” He whispers leaning closer.
I have a rough voice since I’m pushing, “Aha. I’m almost done”. It kinda makes me feel like a little kid potty training.
“Heck, dude, you really poisoned the air inside here. I don’t know how you’re planning to cover that up”.
I take a scrap of toilet paper and start wiping all the time trying to avoid his gaze. I’m about to flush, still sitting down, since I don’t want him to see my mess, but he stops me, grabbing my hand and yells “Flush that piece of paper we used to clean the lense. We’re done here”. I immediately understand what he’s trying to do, he’s keeping with our story till the last minute. And it feels so protective of him, I just look at his face and smile. If only he was gay…
I flush, stand up, wash my hand, all the time trying to avoid looking Carlos straight in the eyes. Before I open the door to leave, he puts his arms around my shoulders and say “Well…that wasn’t that bad”.

That was almost two years ago and we havent had any other toilet experience together. But I dream of the day we’ll get to repeat. Maybe next time, he could be the one sitting on the toilet. I would love to return the favour.

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