Ask me naughty questions

I get excited by answering all kinds of questions about myself, so please ask me here or in private message no matter how personal or dirty the question is. 🙂

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  1. im on skype diaperpantiejamie and i would love to poop for you on cam , and follow AlL your scat orders , i will play with my Mess in ANY way you tell me i must Master ????

  2. @wet_outdoors not too naughty at all! And no, I wet my underwear couple of times on purpose but ordinary briefs.

  3. What do u wear most: briefs or boxers ? I love cheap basic briefs, the same as the green one you shat in. Do you have many ? What do you like shitting in?

  4. @bandapart1 mostly boxers, tight. Love to scratch my butt and see the skid marks it cause. As for pooping, mostly in such boxers.

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