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I wish more people on this site would really take the time to peruse the stories section. I know there is a lot of crap on there (literally speaking), but there are some people who love to write and to stimulate the mind. A well-written story is a painting in word form; the artist has his own vision and the reader develops theirs. I still have the specific visions of books I read as a child.

There are some really great writers on this site. Go through their histories and read (and create your own images) and enjoy. Making the mind work a little for something is infinitely rewarding. That’s the best exercise for the fascinating human brain and it’s a lot of fun!

You can go to the profile of an author you enjoy and pull up their history. I realize some people don’t do this, so I have taken to re-posting some of my older work so as to skip that step. There are some amazing writers here. Explore the power of your mind and read some of these hot works. You won’t regret it.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more!!! So glad to read your stories again and some of the other authors on here!!! Such great writers!!! Are you working on any new material domdrtydaddy?

  2. I’m currently working on a novel -length story I half-wrote nearly 20 years ago. I think I posted about it not long ago.

    I’m quite busy with my university study at the moment. However, my final exam for the year is next Tuesday. After my last exam, I’ll be able to work on finishing this story. If it works, and people like it, I might try to run the characters into a series.

    I do want to post a few real-life stories from my past on here. Some have been posted elsewhere and can be re-posted, others need to be written from my memories….

  3. I love writing stories, and I try to write as a professional fiction writer. I uploaded ‘First Time’ and ‘Desperation in the Park’ a long time ago, which were well received. I haven’t been around for a while, but I am currently working on another wet pants story that I plan to upload soon. Stay tuned!

  4. I want to work on a story that would be the fantasy of a straight guy who wants to experience a real accident where he shits his pants big time. Huge load and feeling humiliated and embarrassed and desperate as it’s about to happen
    Any straight guys out there? Let me write something up.

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