“AoFF” Chapter 2, Muddy Mally

“Adventures of Fetish Fred” Chapter 2, Muddy Mally

Fred was the weirdest kid in college, he took his time to talk to every girl in the college if they liked any of his fetishes. Every single girl except one slapped him in the face, this one girl just said nothing and walked away and Fred questions why so. Meanwhile at the end of lunch and everyone is going to class, Fred spots the girl behind some bushes. He then notices she’s smearing her shit all over her ass, then he just spied on the girl till she noticed him. When the girl noticed Fred she instantly pissed herself resulting in a big stain on her pants, Fred had his own stain on his pants from the result of pre-cum. Fred had nothing to say and just stood there, meanwhile the girl pulls her pants back up with no panties whatsoever. The girl walked to Fred and announced her name was Mally, then she told him she’ll replace his roommate who completely left just because he was too weird for her. Mally walked right passed him, going to class while Fred continued to do the same. After class Fred instantly walked all the way to his room to have some fun with Mally, when he got there Mally was kneeling on the chair with her ass up high. Her ass was still dirty after the last time they met and she was very horny on the presence of Fred, Fred walked to Mally to then grab her dirty and stinky ass. Fred instantly rammed his cock inside Mally’s wet and muddy asshole, after this happened Mally moaned but Fred instantly covered her mouth so no one hears them. Fred then rammed her ass so hard she started slightly shitting on his dick with some sharts, when this happened Fred instantly came inside her asshole. When he was done he asked her to lay on her stomach on his lap so he can spank her dirty ass, Mally instantly obeyed and did what he said. Fred spanked her ass as hard as he can, Mally moaned a little and started farting while he kept spanking her. Fred asked Mally if she can still shit and Mally answered with the last thing she ate, which was a greasy double cheeseburger with laxative mixed milk. Fred heard a loud gurgling sound from her belly, he then gotten a slight boner from feeling of the gurgle on his lap. Mally yelled at him to pull her pants back up, after Fred did this she instantly let everything out her asshole with some loud farts including some sharts. When Mally was done Fred pulled her pants to reveal a brown and yellow mix of diarrhea, he instantly started smearing the shit everywhere on her ass. Fred loved the smell, feeling, and look of the diarrhea on her dirty and nasty ass. Fred then finished smearing the shit and spanked her ass one more time, Mally’s stomach rumbled and she gave out loud fart with a big shart at the end. Fred pulled up her pants and went to go wash his hands, meanwhile Mally went to go change and cleanup.

This concludes Chapter 2,
Muddy Mally

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