“AoFF” Chapter 1, Sweaty Betty

“Adventures of Fetish Fred” Chapter 1, Sweaty Betty

Fred was minding his own business and routine in the gym. Until he saw a girl absolutely drenched in sweat, she was a redhead with weird drills including the fact she had a little chubby belly with thick thighs and boobs. Fred completely dropped what he was doing and walked to the girl to say “Hi”, the girl looked at him with a very tired look. Fred instantly told the girl all of his fetishes off the bat, the girl stopped him when he said sweating. She told him her name was Betty and she also likes sweating, Fred instantly sat next to her and told her his name was Fred. Betty grabbed Fred’s hand and asked if he wants to go to the bathroom with her, Fred said yes. Betty instantly dashed to the bathroom and the stall, Fred was suprised at how sweaty she was. Betty instantly turned her ass towards him, Fred kneeled down and sniffed her sweaty swamp ass. Fred kept sniffing until Betty turned around to sit on the toilet, Betty took her shoes and socks off to stick her sweaty wet feet out for Fred to massage them. Fred grabbed her foot and slowly rubbed meanwhile he starts to lick her foot, Betty was slightly moaning but tried not to so no one draws attention to them. Fred started rubbing faster, then he started nibbling on her soles while still licking. Fred got up to sit on Betty’s lap, he then felt her entire body. It felt sweaty and wet causing Fred to have a little pre-cum stain his pants, he then got off her and told her to show him her butt again. Betty turned around and held her butt high leading Fred to instantly press his face on her butt, he licked as deep as his tongue can go having Betty moan so loud some heard it through the door. Betty then came so much her piss flowed down from her panties to the toilet lid, Fred came his pants at the sight of her steamy piss. Fred then opened the stall door and ran out before any female saw him.

This concludes Chapter 1,
Sweaty Betty

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